Never ever ever
Wed Jan 24, 2018 01:03

Marissa’s “I’m fine” sounded real, and Holland felt the nervousness in their chest relax with relief. Marissa had initiated the breakup. Marissa had initiated the breakup, and Marissa was fine, which was what Holland had been hoping for. If she wasn’t upset, then Holland didn’t have to wait or refrain from—from what? Then nothing.

Holland didn’t think that the breakup with Danny meant Marissa couldn’t date someone seriously, and they were about to address that when Marissa changed the topic back to her haircut. “Well, it looks really good,” Holland repeated instead. They picked up a copy of the character list and scanned it. Holland was excited about the concept of genderblind casting, but it made their job as makeup artist and costumer harder until after the cast list went up. Marissa had discussed with some excitement the idea of playing the dentist as a Marilyn Monroe archetype instead of an Elvis one if she got the role. (Holland suspected that Marissa would get whatever role she wanted, given that she had chosen the show and her grandfather was in charge of casting. Besides nepotism, Marissa was the best actress, singer, and dancer in the school, in Holland’s opinion, so she deserved whatever part she wanted.)

The exception was the alien plant, which Holland imagined would have a similar design regardless of who played the role. For Audrey II they might be able to do something with makeup and real plants instead of a puppet, although that was equal parts up to the props techies and Professor Bennett, whose plants they would need to borrow. Holland was no longer taking magizoobotany, but Arthur Bennett seemed like the sort of professor who would happily lend a few friendly plants to the cause.

So, what about you? Any interesting relationship prospects on the horizon? Any particular seventh years?

Why would she single out the seventh years in particular?

Holland stared at Marissa while their conspiracy theorist brain made connections. They drafted a mental list of the seventh years, with attention to the ones they might consider prospects. One. Marissa knew. Had Danny had told her (why would he do that?) or had she figured it out on her own? Holland was tempted to ask Marissa how she knew, but they supposed it didn’t matter.

They’d already paused a suspicious amount of time between question and answer. Holland looked away, uncomfortable, and put the Little Shop of Horrors character list back down on top of the pile. “I’m not sure. It’s complicated,” they said carefully. What the hell. Marissa already knew, and she was the first person Holland could talk to who really knew everything that was involved. “Dating can be complicated for me anyway,” it wasn’t always, but it could be, “and especially with… the current… prospect,” they finished, which could have applied to any of the male seventh years whom they might consider dating, but didn’t. Holland glanced at Marissa for a sign she understood.

  • We never have ulterior motives - Marissa, Tue Jan 23 21:47
    “Thanks.” Marissa knew that her hair wouldn’t go unnoticed. Her wild, long red hair had been a staple of her life ever since she’d been at Rocky Mountain International. It was literally impossible... more
    • Never ever ever - Holland, Wed Jan 24 01:03
      • Don't be suspicious - Marissa, Thu Feb 1 20:45
        Excellent. Holland was someone who sometimes got lost in thought. After knowing the Lyra for about seven years at this point, Marissa knew what Holland’s different types of silence were. There was... more
        • Suspicious is my middle name - Holland, Tue Feb 6 12:38
          “ It seems like the perfect time for both of you, ” Marissa said, demonstrating a very loose understanding of the adjective. She was right about one thing: if nothing happened here and now, nothing... more
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