Don't be suspicious
Thu Feb 1, 2018 20:45


Holland was someone who sometimes got lost in thought. After knowing the Lyra for about seven years at this point, Marissa knew what Holland’s different types of silence were. There was the conspiracy silence, which was the most common, and then there was the paranoid silence, which was similar but different enough. There was also ‘not sure if my eyeliner is quite right or if I should redo it’ silence, ‘mentally composing an argument that will utterly destroy you’ silence, and ‘paranoid conspiracy’ silence, which was also different from the separate paranoid and conspiracy silences.

This silence was a less common one, but Marissa had encountered it at least a couple of times over the years. It started out with the conspiracy silence but quickly evolved into the kind of silence that happened when Holland had to find the words they wanted to say. This was a surprised silence.

What part of it was surprising? This meant that Danny hadn’t figured out that Marissa knew, so he definitely hadn’t told Holland she knew. It was like that episode of Friends where no one knew that everyone else knew about some kind of relationship thing, except for Joey who, for once, was the only one with all of the information. As soon as the red-head made that comparison in her head, she internally shuddered. That made her Joey. She didn’t want to be Joey. When the show ended, Joey had a terrible spin off and everything was just terrible. Marissa did not want to leave RMI and have a terrible spin off where everything was just terrible. She was not Joey.


Holland finally started talking, which dragged her out of that somehow upsetting train of thought. They seemed to make the connection that, yes, Marissa knew, and it also confirmed what she’d suspected: Holland liked Danny too. Well, then. It would be extremely convenient for the Aquila if the two Lyras would start dating. She knew it’d be hard at first, but if her friends were happy, and there was a clear barrier stopping Marissa from doing something stupid like trying to hook up with Danny as soon as she got lonely again, then it would really be awesome. Her bias mostly had to do with their happiness.

“Yeah, it’s complicated,” Marissa agreed, “And dating isn’t easy for you. I know. But… it’s our last year. If you’re not gonna figure it out here, in the relatively safe space that is Rocky Mountain International, surrounded by friends and support, then when are you?” She shrugged. “It seems like the perfect time for both of you. From my experience, it’s better to give it a try rather not. I’m glad that I tried with Danny. Now, I’m not sitting here and wondering what would’ve happened. I know now.”

  • Never ever ever - Holland, Wed Jan 24 01:03
    Marissa’s “ I’m fine ” sounded real, and Holland felt the nervousness in their chest relax with relief. Marissa had initiated the breakup. Marissa had initiated the breakup, and Marissa was fine,... more
    • Don't be suspicious - Marissa, Thu Feb 1 20:45
      • Suspicious is my middle name - Holland, Tue Feb 6 12:38
        “ It seems like the perfect time for both of you, ” Marissa said, demonstrating a very loose understanding of the adjective. She was right about one thing: if nothing happened here and now, nothing... more
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