Leon Finnin
Guess who's back.
Fri Mar 9, 2018 03:17

Leon slinked into the theater. It was hours before rehearsal, but someone had to be here, the lights were on. “Hello!” The 11 year old called out. “Is anyone here?”

There was no response at first. Obviously whomever it was, was busy. Leon brought out his copy of the script and went over blocking a bit, before he started singing a few songs from the show, then branched out into rent. The boy was having fun, really letting his singing voice power threw the songs. He let himself echo, and, in all sense of the phrase, was feeling himself.

In between song he would pace, thinking of how he would have done better in the audition if he could do it all again right now. He wasn’t mad with the part he had, in fact he loved it. Where else was he going to play a sassy narrator type role, and have sick harmonies with some awesome people. He already wrote a few songs about his time here. He was so glad to make it in, and make the acquaintance of so many great people. Even though, none of them really talked to him outside of rehearsal.

After finishing “Out Tonight” from Rent, he moved onto some pop songs, and one song he learned after watching Pitch Perfect, No Diggity. That was the one song what Leon sang with so much soul and energy that he felt so good about, he ended smiling looking out at the audience and then heard a noise from somewhere, he squinted his eyes looking for whomever it was. “Oh, um… sorry for bothering you. I was just… having some fun before rehearsal.”

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