You're looking well... for now.
Fri Apr 6, 2018 16:01

Whilst Holland favorably accepted her apology without fuss, Claudia was affronted by the implication that she did not want her parents to know everything about her life. It sounded like Holland was accusing Claudia of lying. Admittedly she was withholding certain elements of the truth, but someone who dismissed most aspects of Claudia’s life as unimportant should not be making accusations or passing judgment on her actions. Holland had not earned that privilege. “I don’t mind them knowing everything,” she countered defensively, “it’s not like I’m breaking any rules.” Not like Dardanius. “I just want to tell them on my terms.”

Claudia heard rising hostility in her voice and she fought to regain the calm demeanor with which she had begun the conversation. Holland had gracefully appreciated that Claudia wanted control of what information she shared with her parents, she reminded herself, hence her expression of gratitude. “Anyway, you respected that,” she spoke again, satisfied that her words were devoid of emotion, as previously. She found it easier to remain distant if she focused on some extraneous detail, such as the way the auditorium lighting reflected off the polished surface of the piano lid, or the hideously garish t-shirt Holland was wearing in stark contrast to Claudia’s tastefully refined attire. Usually she felt flattered when anyone, but particularly Holland, told her that she looked nice, but today she as finding Holland’s tastes dubious. First Dardanius, now that t-shirt.

Apparently some focal points were too distracting. Against her better judgment, Claudia made eye contact with Holland again, only to experience words tumbling forth from her mouth before her mind had opportunity to prevent them. “You talked to me like I was important.” The short statement was accurate, but she hadn’t meant to expose a vulnerability to someone who already knew so much about Claudia’s weaknesses. That was, she acknowledged, the underlying reason she had felt so betrayed by Holland’s current relationship: they were supposed to be friends. Marley had only failed to listen when Claudia was expressing her discomfort, whereas Holland had listened, understood, and then proceeded to sabotage everything Claudia held in high esteem, turning her brother and parents against her in the process. It hurt. Naturally Claudia had avoided being around a traitor to protect herself from further injury.

Yet while she had been forced to endure Holland’s company over midterm, Claudia was reminded that Holland had always treated her respectfully, even when their opinions had been in opposition. Dardanius was an idiot, so Claudia had not bothered to attempt a rational discussion with him, but it should have occurred to her that she could approach Holland. “I’m sorry for being distant from you,” she relented after a pause. “We’re friends.” Electing to acknowledge a present tense of the status felt prudent in strengthening the connection that she might be able to use to her advantage. “I should have realized I could talk to you.”

  • So nice to have me back where I belong - Holland Keene, Fri Apr 6 13:39
    Although Little Shop of Horrors rehearsal had yet to resume this early into term Holland wanted to work on the costumes without the “help” of their assistant or their assistant’s assistant. What Kit... more
    • You're looking well... for now. - Claudia, Fri Apr 6 16:01
      • Is that a compliment or a threat? - Holland, Fri Apr 6 17:52
        Holland frowned slightly in disagreement. Clearly Claudia did mind her parents knowing everything—knowing about her appearance choices at school, at least—or she would have told them more. Holland... more
        • It’s open to interpretation - Claudia, Sat Apr 7 09:50
          For the first time since receiving news about this debacle in October, Claudia felt some spark of optimism. She felt remiss in not bringing her concerns to Holland sooner, as they were clearly the... more
          • But my answer isn’t - Holland, Sat Apr 7 12:54
            Ah. This made more sense than an apology. Holland took a moment to collect their thoughts. They had prepared for this conversation. Not for Claudia in particular—the argument had been drafted with... more
            • Then I’ll repeat the question - Claudia, Sat Apr 7 14:35
              Claudia was disappointed, but not entirely surprised by Holland’s obstinate resolution to continue to date Danny, despite apparently knowing all along the damage they were causing to Claudia and her... more
              • No means no - Holland, Sun Apr 8 02:05
                Something shifted. Holland had thought their response was—well, reasonable. For what it was worth, they had only been trying to explain that they wouldn’t acquiesce to Claudia’s request. It probably... more
                • I ought to respect that - Claudia, Sun Apr 8 09:35
                  Claudia resented Holland talking about Danny not being ‘straight’ - even the word itself implied that was the normal order of things - like they suddenly knew everything about him. The fourth year... more
                  • But are you going to? - Holland, Sun Apr 8 10:52
                    Holland managed not to scoff at Claudia’s assertion that they had talked Danny out of kowtowing to pureblood society: they did not agree. That dissatisfaction had preceded Danny and Holland’s... more
                    • Not so much - Claudia, Sun Apr 8 14:37
                      She had not anticipated Marley being brought into the conversation; Claudia knew her cheeks were burning at the mention of her ex-best friend’s name - there were some emotional responses that were... more
                      • I have to insist - Holland, Sun Apr 8 16:12
                        [ OOC: Effects of the spell confirmed by Claudia’s author, all godmodding approved. Content warning for homophobia/transphobia. ] The instant the spell struck, the benefits of Claudia’s society... more
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