Then I’ll repeat the question
Sat Apr 7, 2018 14:35

Claudia was disappointed, but not entirely surprised by Holland’s obstinate resolution to continue to date Danny, despite apparently knowing all along the damage they were causing to Claudia and her family. She bit the inside of her cheek so hard that she tasted blood as she worked to retain a hold of her more carnal reactions to this reprehensible attitude. Nevertheless she made no attempt to conceal the unimpressed grimace that Holland’s response elicited, nor to hide a scathing tone as she replied, “Our society is not backwards-thinking. Historical traceable lineage proves that practical partnerships are a sensible way to protect and preserve wizardkind.”

Naturally Holland would disagree, in loyalty to their Muggle father, the same way Marley had defended her parentage in her early interactions with Claudia. Yet if she wished to take practical steps continue the magical portion of her heritage, Marley could at least biologically reproduce with a wizard to give her offspring the best chance in life. Holland … Claudia had never given much thought to Holland’s reproductive capabilities - and nor did she desire to do so now, Great Merlin - but she could say with absolute certainty that if men became heirs and women provided heirs, there was no place for Holland within esteemed society. They had even said so themself, yet they apparently still believed that a partnership with Dardanius was an acceptable path to follow. They were making a mockery of Claudia’s very existence.

Already visibly agitated by their disrespect for her society and it’s accepted norms, Claudia narrowed her eyes at the implication of bigotry. “I’m hardly concerned about you offending people,” she retorted with unfriendly sarcasm. “If you break up with Danny now,” she tried to speak patiently, as if explaining a relatively concept to a particularly stupid person, “he can get over whatever this is,” she waved her hand towards Holland in a dismissive gesture, “and make a real life for himself.”

There had been that short series of dates with a girl Claudia didn’t know, which she had forgiven as an unobtrusive dalliance, and then Danny’s infatuation with Marissa had ended when she realised exactly who Dardanius was supposed to be. She had no doubts that this phase with Holland would pass, too - their confession that they might break up with Danny one day was evidence of just this - but it had the potential to be so much more damaging than any of the stupid things Danny had done before. “The longer you stay with him, the less chance he has of being unaffected,” Claudia pointed out, because apparently Holland couldn’t figure this out on their own. If he is shunned by his friends, and my parents lose their place in society, and there is still the chance you might not be interested one day, he’ll have given it all up for nothing.” Claudia felt that familiar prickling in her eyes, but she was getting much better these days at refusing tears to well. “He called me self-absorbed,” Claudia sniffed in derision. “I’ve got more concern for Danny than you do.”

  • But my answer isn’t - Holland, Sat Apr 7 12:54
    Ah. This made more sense than an apology. Holland took a moment to collect their thoughts. They had prepared for this conversation. Not for Claudia in particular—the argument had been drafted with... more
    • Then I’ll repeat the question - Claudia, Sat Apr 7 14:35
      • No means no - Holland, Sun Apr 8 02:05
        Something shifted. Holland had thought their response was—well, reasonable. For what it was worth, they had only been trying to explain that they wouldn’t acquiesce to Claudia’s request. It probably... more
        • I ought to respect that - Claudia, Sun Apr 8 09:35
          Claudia resented Holland talking about Danny not being ‘straight’ - even the word itself implied that was the normal order of things - like they suddenly knew everything about him. The fourth year... more
          • But are you going to? - Holland, Sun Apr 8 10:52
            Holland managed not to scoff at Claudia’s assertion that they had talked Danny out of kowtowing to pureblood society: they did not agree. That dissatisfaction had preceded Danny and Holland’s... more
            • Not so much - Claudia, Sun Apr 8 14:37
              She had not anticipated Marley being brought into the conversation; Claudia knew her cheeks were burning at the mention of her ex-best friend’s name - there were some emotional responses that were... more
              • I have to insist - Holland, Sun Apr 8 16:12
                [ OOC: Effects of the spell confirmed by Claudia’s author, all godmodding approved. Content warning for homophobia/transphobia. ] The instant the spell struck, the benefits of Claudia’s society... more
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