But are you going to?
Sun Apr 8, 2018 10:52

Holland managed not to scoff at Claudia’s assertion that they had talked Danny out of kowtowing to pureblood society: they did not agree. That dissatisfaction had preceded Danny and Holland’s relationship. The two of them had talked about it last year, after he and Marissa had broken up for the first time. At the time, heteronormativity had not been a concern, but the elitist ability to rest on the laurels of a family name had bothered Danny, as had the double standard for men’s and women’s behavior. He had said the words himself: I’m starting to feel like I don’t really support the system. Holland might have encouraged him to think critically about his culture over the years—they couldn’t deny that that made them feel pleased and a bit proud—but alone, they couldn’t have made him change his perspective any more than they could make Claudia change hers now. His viewpoint was a prerequisite to their relationship, not a result of it.

Was Holland supposed to be impressed that the pureblood system was older than they were? Slavery was also older than Holland, as was misogyny, the military-industrial complex, and every other manner of subjugation; age did not make them noble pursuits. We’ve always done it that way was one of the most dangerous phrases: it limited change, halted progress for no reasons other than arrogance and fear. Holland was a student of magical theory, and you had to be willing to abandon defunct ideas to create anything worthwhile, in magic and in life. As Claudia had so helpfully pointed out, blood purity and social conservatism were centuries out of date. She claimed hierarchy was essential to a functioning society, but what was so functional about a society in which the ultra-wealthy could hoard resources on a generational timeframe, while systematically denying opportunities to the less fortunate? It might function for the haves, but the greater population of have-nots—equally worthy of a voice—would likely disagree.

I appreciate our societal restrictions deny you a place amongst us.” Another suppressed scoff. Holland did not want a place in a society which rejected their self-expression. They didn’t fully understand Danny’s desire to remain involved with pureblood culture. He had mentioned feeling obligated to the society that had raised him; Holland, quick to cut ties with anyone who did not support them, had never experienced a comparable sense of obligation. They had their doubts that the societal restrictions to which Claudia referred would continue to afford Danny a place amongst that group. But Danny had always said that being the Dubois heir was an inextricable aspect of his identity, so Holland would support him in that (somewhat impossible) quest as much as the society and their conscience would allow. At least his approach to pureblood culture was admirable: loyalty was about calling out problematic things so that they could be addressed, not sycophantic support.

Claudia was now preaching acceptance to them, apparently as ignorant of the irony as she was of everything else. All at once Holland was reminded of conversations from this year’s opening feast, from the forensics class, from the Lyra dorms and after Quidditch practice. In a voice like a coiled snake, dangerously calm and sharp and cool, Holland asked, “What, like the way you accepted Marley’s identity?” Claudia seemed to believe that her attitude was beyond reproach, but Holland was in a better position than most to remind her of her own past behavior. They were the one in whom Marley, upset by Claudia’s refusal to support her supposed best friend, had confided. Was that what Claudia thought passed for acceptance? “She found you a lot of things, but ‘accepting’ was not one of them.”

Their ire did not wane as they continued to think about Claudia’s words. “Less savory instincts,” like Holland was, what, a guilty pleasure? Claudia claimed to be representing civility, but her demeanor was anything but. “I don’t see what’s so civilized about a prejudiced society intent on oppressing not only its members, but anyone with whom it comes into contact,” Holland said evenly.

  • I ought to respect that - Claudia, Sun Apr 8 09:35
    Claudia resented Holland talking about Danny not being ‘straight’ - even the word itself implied that was the normal order of things - like they suddenly knew everything about him. The fourth year... more
    • But are you going to? - Holland, Sun Apr 8 10:52
      • Not so much - Claudia, Sun Apr 8 14:37
        She had not anticipated Marley being brought into the conversation; Claudia knew her cheeks were burning at the mention of her ex-best friend’s name - there were some emotional responses that were... more
        • I have to insist - Holland, Sun Apr 8 16:12
          [ OOC: Effects of the spell confirmed by Claudia’s author, all godmodding approved. Content warning for homophobia/transphobia. ] The instant the spell struck, the benefits of Claudia’s society... more
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