I have to insist
Sun Apr 8, 2018 16:12

[OOC: Effects of the spell confirmed by Claudia’s author, all godmodding approved. Content warning for homophobia/transphobia.]

The instant the spell struck, the benefits of Claudia’s society unfolded in Holland’s mind like a map. Connections were important; financial security was important; hundreds of years of knowledge and history and tradition were important; purebloods provided all of these things. Of course membership had to entail responsibilities: that was the only way to ensure that the system could last and benefit future witches and wizards. And by dating Danny, Holland was attacking that that future, undermining a legacy that spanned generations.

The feeling of disgust that followed that revelation was so intense that Holland thought for a moment they might be sick. They did understand now. Their attraction to Danny wasn’t just an unsavory instinct; it was abnormal, unnatural, perverse. No. The knowledge was accompanied by a sense of shame so great Holland could hardly breathe. What kind of person betrayed someone they called their friend by making choices that would ruin her life and leave her susceptible to judgment by association? The same kind of person, they realized, throat tightening, who had to invent a word for it because they wanted to be special, because they couldn’t decide whether they were a boy or—


Their rejection of the thought ripped through it like a scalpel. Holland’s confidence in who they were had always been unassailable, but the hex had caught them so off-guard that it took a few seconds for their will to assert itself over the invading thoughts. Either by Occlumency or sheer willpower—Holland currently lacked the presence of mind to discern which—the spell shattered like dropped porcelain, into fragments too small to sway Holland’s feelings further. The lingering revulsion dissipated quickly, replaced by a calm, cold anger. Above all was an indisputable directive—stop her, you can’t let her hex you again, you are in danger—that Holland was more than prepared to follow.

We’re friends,” Claudia had said earlier. Obviously not. In attacking their hard-won sense of self, Claudia had gone too far; in forcing her beliefs into their mind, she had shown too much of her hand. If that was how she really felt about them, then Holland no longer felt obligated to choose patience and respect as their weapons of choice. Their wand was in their bag on one of the theater’s seats, but that didn’t matter: two and a half years of Animagus practice had ensured their wandless magic was more than sufficient for this task.

The last time Holland had used magic on this stage was as part of their Spellwork display for last year’s talent show. Most of the act had involved creating colorful sparks and braided lights, manipulating classical elements into beautiful things. The first spells they found in their mental arsenal had been part of the act, but they were decidedly less pretty now. Holland flung their right hand out toward Claudia and sprayed a jet of water more akin to a fire hose than to the delicate stream they had conjured for the talent show. The water froze on contact with their opponent, trapping Claudia in ice stocks. Holland’s offensive magic had always been weaker than their charms, so the more traditional dueling spells that followed—“Silencio! Expelliarmus!”—were both verbalized by necessity. Claudia’s wand flew out of her ensnared hand and fell to the ground. Without a word, Holland walked over and collected it, then retrieved their own belongings.

Now that the threat was neutralized, Holland was aware of how hard their heart was pounding. Holland was shaken and furious and numb, all at once. How had Claudia done that? It wasn’t a spell Holland knew. They had to report this—to whom, they weren’t sure. Since the thing with the staircases, Holland didn’t trust the Headmaster to open a jelly jar, let alone handle this situation adequately and equitably. They already knew they didn’t want a repeat of fifth year. Turning half the school against Claudia wasn’t in their long-term interest. Reviewing their options, Holland decided on Aaron McKindy: he was Claudia’s head of House, he had dealt with the situation between Drew Tennant and Connor Farnon last year, and he was Holland’s favorite professor. His method of handling it might involve going to the headmaster or his husband, but at least Holland would have reported it to an authority figure they trusted.

“Right,” Holland said under their breath. They unfroze the water, leaving Claudia soaking wet but free to move. “I’m going to go report this,” they said tonelessly. It was their responsibility as a Head Student, if nothing else. “You can get your wand back from Professor McKindy. I’m sure he’s going to want to talk to you.” They cancelled the Silencing charm as well, and then walked briskly down the aisle toward the theater doors. If Claudia wanted to follow them, she could, but Holland didn’t want to be in her presence any longer.

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