Emmett Lawrence
Don't be a drag, just be a queen
Thu May 3, 2018 17:28

Click, click, click.

Walking in high heels was, Emmett was surprised to discover, not that bad. Actually, it was pretty fun. He’d been kinda thinking about it ever since he’d started going to drag shows with his sister sometimes. Hestaea had thought he’d be into it since he was friends with Holland, which seemed like a weird jump, but like, he had been into it, so maybe not that weird? Who knew. Emmett sure didn’t.

He hadn’t been hard-pressed into playing Audrey for the musical. In fact, he’d been given the option of gender-bending, like Marissa was doing with the female dentist, but he was curious about doing it this way. Emmett had requested it not be presented to the school as his own idea, about which both his makeup artist (Holland) and the director had been agreeable. So that was nice.

Emmett had expected women’s shoes to hurt. And at first, they kinda did. But he’d been doing enough practicing now that he’d either gotten used to it or built up callouses or something. Either way, now he got to just enjoy the clicking sounds the heels made. He liked that a lot. It felt powerful.

He was doing a lot of practicing for this show, more than he usually did. But he couldn’t practice walking in his bedroom because, well, that was pretty much a death wish. Like, guaranteed ankle destruction. So he just used the stage, since that was the surface he’d be strutting his stuff on anyway. Most of the time, it was private enough. Sometimes he specifically let people come with him - mostly Holland, to correct his form and hopefully give him compliments, even when he felt like a newborn gazelle.

Today, though, he was strutting alone. Or at least that was his intention. About midway across the stage, he looked out in the audience and saw somebody out there. He couldn’t tell who it was at first, and he froze immediately. Then, remembering a talk he’d had with himself previously about not feeling any shame - after all, he’d be doing this on stage in front of an audience soon - Emmett just laughed. “Yeah, this is exactly what it looks like,” he joked.

OOC: All mentions of other people's characters (let's be real, it's all one person's characters) were discussed at varying points before now.

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      • So we're halfway there! - Emmett Lawrence, Thu May 10 16:52
        Emmett grinned at the compliment. “Thanks!” he said cheerily. “Yeah, they definitely helped me get started. I still feel kind of like a weird baby gazelle or something, but I’m getting better.” There ... more
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