Madeleine Tennant
Thu May 10, 2018 09:18

Madeleine Tennant was on a mission for paint. Her room had been pink since she was five and had decided she wanted it pink. That was almost four whole years ago! Now she wanted something different. She wasn’t sure what yet, so Madeleine had decided to go to the theater and see what colors of paint the techies had. Maybe that would inspire her. She was leaning toward yellow but she couldn’t decide between bright sunshiny yellow or pastel daffodil yellow.

Madeleine had spent a lot of time in her room lately because all her RMI friends had been too busy for her. It felt like she hadn’t seen Drew or Kit or Dade in aaaaaaaaaages. She knew that sometimes the RMI students got stuck with a lot of homework all at the same time—and Dade was a third year so he had STOATs coming up, which were a Big Deal—but it felt totally unfair to Madeleine. She couldn’t have most kids from her school over to her house because it was inside RMI. Normally that didn’t bother her but right now it was a problem.

So when Madeleine walked into the theater and saw Dade walking toward her, her whole face lit up with a great big smile. “Hi, Daisy!” Drew had said that Dade was having a rough time lately and that she should be extra nice to him, and Madeleine had said that she was always extra nice to her friends, thank you very much, and Drew had said that he never said she wasn’t, and Madeleine had said good, because she was. Especially to Dade/Daisy (she called him Daisy sometimes even when they weren’t playing pretend), because he was the very best of Drew’s friends. He played dress-up with her, especially princess games—which Drew and Kit had never liked all that much so that was extra fun—and also board games and card games, which weren’t Madeleine’s favorites normally, but everything was her favorite when Dade was there.

She felt like running up and hugging him, so she did. It felt like there was a little tiny dragon flapping around in her stomach. She let go really quick because she was pretty sure Daisy didn’t like hugs as much as she did. Most people didn’t like hugs as much as Madeleine did.

“Do you wanna play? I was just coming to find a new color for my room but now that you’re here we can play together. Ifyouhavetime,” Madeleine said in one breath, remembering about the STOATs and that maybe a third year had more important things to do than talk to her. She hoped he didn’t have better things to do today, though. “We can play whatever you want,” she tempted, in case that would make a difference for him.

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    • Me! - Madeleine Tennant, Thu May 10 09:18
      • Well that was straightforward - Dade, Tue May 15 10:22
        Madeleine was right there all of a sudden, and she was saying his name princess name and hugging him. Generally Dade wasn’t the biggest fan of hugs, but when they were hugs from Madeleine or one of... more
        • Try a harder question - Madeleine, Tue May 15 12:54
          “ Yeah we can play. ” Madeleine bounced up and down on the balls of her feet in joy. Today was already going so much better than she had expected! He was even letting her pick what they played.... more
          • The nice thing about Madeleine was that she didn’t seem to spend too much time differentiating between real life and playing dress-up. She called Dade ‘Daisy’ sometimes and ‘Dade’ other times, and... more
            • *silly walks* - Madeleine Tennant, Mon May 21 17:10
              “Ooh!” Madeleine squealed, delighted. This was her usual reaction to Dade picking a new name, but this time she meant it extra. “Evangeline is soooooo pretty!” She thought it might be her new... more
              • Something about a swallow - Dade, Tue May 22 11:44
                It made sense that Madeleine played on her own sometimes, now that Dade thought about it. He had only been alone for one year, since Connor was only a year older than him, but it had been a very... more
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                  Madeleine pulled the feathery yellow dress on and then went and looked for shoes. The costume room mostly had character shoes, which were black with little heels. She didn’t know how to walk in high... more
                  • Australia - Dade, Tue May 22 15:12
                    Madeleine proposed the concept with such ease that Dade was almost sure he misheard her. Why didn’t he just be a girl? He blinked. “That’s not how that works,” Dade said. “You don’t just be a girl,... more
                    • Do they fly upside down? - Madeleine, Tue May 22 16:05
                      “Nuh-uh,” Madeleine retorted instantly, because Dade was wrong. But then she remembered that that wasn’t quite how Marissa and Dad had explained it (they had said that it wasn’t a choice to have your ... more
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