Emmett Lawrence
So we're halfway there!
Thu May 10, 2018 16:52

Emmett grinned at the compliment. “Thanks!” he said cheerily. “Yeah, they definitely helped me get started. I still feel kind of like a weird baby gazelle or something, but I’m getting better.” There was something intrinsically weird-feeling in discussing high heels with his girlfriend’s little brother, or else, there might have been if not for the fact that Emmett had been best friends with Holland for long enough now not to really care about “ “ “ “gendered” ” ” ” ” stuff like that. These weren’t women’s shoes. These were Emmett’s shoes. He picked them out, he paid for them, and he wore them. No woman involved. Unless Rose or Marissa or Kaye wanted to borrow them, but he didn’t think they’d really fit.

Of his sister’s brothers, Dade was objectively his favorite. Connor Farnon was sort of a piece of crap. Emmett would never say that, of course, even though Rose also thought it, but the facts were all there. The Lyra could relate to having a sort of crappy brother, although his was quite a bit older, and crappy in different ways - Mikey Lawrence was a douchebag; Connor was pretty much every -ist in the book.

But Dade didn’t seem to be like that. Dade was friends with Drew Tennant, who had literally beat the snot out of Connor for being racist. Plus, Dade had just recently had that thing with Claudia Dubois, who was also on the list of “Terrible Younger Siblings of People Emmett Liked”. Emmett was decidedly Team Dade, and was in fact pretty close to punching Danny in the head again over it, like he’d punched him after Claudia had hexed Holland. Danny wouldn’t let him harm his precious little sister, so when he had to get his frustrations out somehow, a good swing at the older boy’s skull was the next best option.

“What are you up to?” Emmett asked casually. He didn’t really talk to Dade very much, but he probably should be working on fixing that. When Rose graduated next year, it was going to be his job to look out for him (God help them all). Also he wanted to like, y’know, be with Rose forever and stuff, so being on good terms with her favorite little brother was a high priority.

  • Well I'm good at being a drag - Dade Farnon, Fri May 4 15:21
    It had only been a couple of days since the event with Claudia and Dade was still feeling a little shaken. Remington and Drew had been making sure that he was never alone unless he wanted to be,... more
    • So we're halfway there! - Emmett Lawrence, Thu May 10 16:52
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