This is where the Monty Python reference goes, right?
Sun May 20, 2018 15:37

The nice thing about Madeleine was that she didn’t seem to spend too much time differentiating between real life and playing dress-up. She called Dade ‘Daisy’ sometimes and ‘Dade’ other times, and when they were playing dress-up she always made sure to use the name that he decided that day. He had spent a lot of time thinking about the names that he could use today. He defaulted to Daisy Aurora not infrequently, but he also tried to come up with new ones. It was a fun game and Madeleine was more than willing to play along, which made Dade feel less awkward about it. Sometimes in class when he wasn’t paying attention he would start going through different names, but he quickly stopped himself when he realized what was going on. He was pretty sure that none of his classmates were Legilimens but still.

“Daisy Evangeline,” he said decisively. It was almost as pretty as Daisy Aurora, and he thought that the extra syllables went well with the kind of short first name. Daisy had been the first thing that had sprung to mind the first time Madeleine had played dress-up with him, but Dade liked it. He liked that it started with the same sound as his real name, and he liked that it was a flower because Rose had a flower name too. Admittedly, his older sister wasn’t a huge fan of having a flower name, but Dade thought it was pretty. He liked it.

They were in the costume room now. Although Madeleine had been the one to pick out his outfit the first time they’d played dress-up, Dade was now confident enough that he could pick out his own outfits. Madeleine sometimes made suggestions about things he could wear, but for the most part now he managed on his own. The costume room was really good for playing dress-up because there were loads of different costumes and everything was charmed to shrink or grow to fit you. As long as they didn’t ruin anything and put all the costumes back where they belonged, nobody would even know they had been playing in there. It was great.

Today, Dade was looking at a couple of different things. There was a sparkly purple dress with a skirt that had a sort of sheer fabric over top of a silky underskirt. There was also a longer cotton skirt that had a bright pattern on it that looked like it would be very fun to twirl in - Madeleine had introduced him to twirling in skirts, and it was a lot more fun than Dade would have admitted in any other context. Not that he would admit to doing this in any other context, in general. That sort of thing made him nervous again so he stopped thinking about it and focused on the costume ro Tom and what was in it. If he was going to wear the colorful skirt, he’d have to have a top as was a crop top with lines of pastel sequins decorating it, which Dade thought looked pretty. He pulled that one off the rack and looked at it. It reminded him of one of Rose’s tops that he’d tried on, which made his cheeks color briefly in embarrassment. He put it back down.

“Hey Madeleine,” Dade said, tentatively. “Do you ever play dress-up by yourself? When nobody can play with you, I mean.”

  • Try a harder question - Madeleine, Tue May 15 12:54
    “ Yeah we can play. ” Madeleine bounced up and down on the balls of her feet in joy. Today was already going so much better than she had expected! He was even letting her pick what they played.... more
    • This is where the Monty Python reference goes, right? - Dade, Sun May 20 15:37
      • *silly walks* - Madeleine Tennant, Mon May 21 17:10
        “Ooh!” Madeleine squealed, delighted. This was her usual reaction to Dade picking a new name, but this time she meant it extra. “Evangeline is soooooo pretty!” She thought it might be her new... more
        • Something about a swallow - Dade, Tue May 22 11:44
          It made sense that Madeleine played on her own sometimes, now that Dade thought about it. He had only been alone for one year, since Connor was only a year older than him, but it had been a very... more
          • African or European? - Madeleine, Tue May 22 13:00
            Madeleine pulled the feathery yellow dress on and then went and looked for shoes. The costume room mostly had character shoes, which were black with little heels. She didn’t know how to walk in high... more
            • Australia - Dade, Tue May 22 15:12
              Madeleine proposed the concept with such ease that Dade was almost sure he misheard her. Why didn’t he just be a girl? He blinked. “That’s not how that works,” Dade said. “You don’t just be a girl,... more
              • Do they fly upside down? - Madeleine, Tue May 22 16:05
                “Nuh-uh,” Madeleine retorted instantly, because Dade was wrong. But then she remembered that that wasn’t quite how Marissa and Dad had explained it (they had said that it wasn’t a choice to have your ... more
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