Madeleine Tennant
*silly walks*
Mon May 21, 2018 17:10

“Ooh!” Madeleine squealed, delighted. This was her usual reaction to Dade picking a new name, but this time she meant it extra. “Evangeline is soooooo pretty!” She thought it might be her new favorite out of all the middle names he’d tried so far. Aurora was very princessy, but Evangeline sounded extra fancy. Like she could totally imagine someone called Evangeline walking around in a rose garden wearing a beautiful gown and elbow-length satin gloves.

Daisy was really good at playing dress-up now and didn’t even need Madeleine’s help anymore when they were choosing outfits. So Madeleine felt okay leaving her to her own devices while she picked out her own costume. Originally she had been going for a pirate thing, but she noticed that he was looking at colorful, not-very-piratey clothes, and she wanted to kind of match.

She had decided on a sunflower yellow dress with bright pink feathery trim at the sleeves and hem when Daisy asked her something. Madeleine thought about the question. Sure, Madeleine had to entertain herself sometimes now that Drew was actually in RMI and didn’t live in their house all year any more. It was kind of like being an only child. Usually she would read—she liked reading a lot, especially books with girl heroes—but she would play make-believe games with her toys too. “Uh-huh,” she said. “Sometimes if Dad and Aaron-Dad and Drew and Kit and Marissa can’t play with me then I’ll play dress-up and have my toys be the other characters and I say all their words for them.”

Madeleine’s favorite toy was the stuffed animal Serengeti Miniature Dragon that Jessie had given her when she was a baby. Her name was Woosh and Madeleine never went to sleep without her. Jessie had once charmed Woosh to breathe fire a little but then Dad made her take the spell off. Woosh was always Madeleine’s companion when she played make-believe games. Like if she was being a detective, Woosh would be her partner who could sniff out clues, or if she was being a princess, Woosh was her tower dragon who took Madeleine out on adventures when she didn’t have princess duties to attend to. Sometimes Madeleine played games that had bad guys, but Woosh was never a bad guy because she was Madeleine’s favorite.

“You mean like that?” she asked Dade cheerfully. And then she asked: “How come?” because she was curious, and Madeleine always asked when she wanted to know something. It was the best way to get people to tell you.

  • The nice thing about Madeleine was that she didn’t seem to spend too much time differentiating between real life and playing dress-up. She called Dade ‘Daisy’ sometimes and ‘Dade’ other times, and... more
    • *silly walks* - Madeleine Tennant, Mon May 21 17:10
      • Something about a swallow - Dade, Tue May 22 11:44
        It made sense that Madeleine played on her own sometimes, now that Dade thought about it. He had only been alone for one year, since Connor was only a year older than him, but it had been a very... more
        • African or European? - Madeleine, Tue May 22 13:00
          Madeleine pulled the feathery yellow dress on and then went and looked for shoes. The costume room mostly had character shoes, which were black with little heels. She didn’t know how to walk in high... more
          • Australia - Dade, Tue May 22 15:12
            Madeleine proposed the concept with such ease that Dade was almost sure he misheard her. Why didn’t he just be a girl? He blinked. “That’s not how that works,” Dade said. “You don’t just be a girl,... more
            • Do they fly upside down? - Madeleine, Tue May 22 16:05
              “Nuh-uh,” Madeleine retorted instantly, because Dade was wrong. But then she remembered that that wasn’t quite how Marissa and Dad had explained it (they had said that it wasn’t a choice to have your ... more
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