African or European?
Tue May 22, 2018 13:00

Madeleine pulled the feathery yellow dress on and then went and looked for shoes. The costume room mostly had character shoes, which were black with little heels. She didn’t know how to walk in high heels yet but Marissa had promised that she would teach her when Madeleine was old enough to wear high heels. Maybe she could find something else for today. They had to have things besides character shoes and boy shoes.

When Daisy Evangeline told her that she was the only person who knew about playing dress-up and having a princess name, Madeleine beamed. She liked being the only person who knew things. Madeleine was very good at keeping secrets. Like when they had gotten Circe for Aaron-Dad, she had been able to keep it a surprise from him until his and Dad’s dating anniversary, even though she had been really really really excited for them to have a kitten. She missed Godric because he had been around for her whole entire life since Aaron-Dad moved in with them, but she loved Circe a lot too. Circe was more fun to play with and she didn’t try to trip you as much as Godric had.

Madeleine knew about non-binary because she knew Holland. She didn’t know Daisy knew them too! Holland was the best at makeup in the whole school, even better than Marissa, who was also really good at it (sometimes she and Madeleine did makeovers when Marissa was babysitting). Holland was Marissa’s friend and they helped with the plays, so Dad knew them, and Marissa and Dad had both explained about how Holland wasn’t a boy or a girl. Madeleine hadn’t known that someone could be neither, but she was only eight. That was why she had parents and aunts and cousins and Drew to tell her about things she didn’t know yet.

“I thought that non-binary wasn’t the same as dress-up,” Madeleine said, sounding uncertain. Holland would probably know better than her, so what they had told Dade was probably right, but that wasn’t how Dad and Marissa had explained it. “Because they’re not playing, they just are like that all the time no matter what.”

It would be easier if I were a girl.

Madeleine stopped looking at shoes so that she could look at Dade. Dress-up wasn’t non-binary but wanting to be a different gender wasn’t dress-up. Dad had said that sometimes people’s bodies didn’t match who they were in their heart and mind, and that was okay, and people who felt like that could live the way they felt on the inside because it would make them happier. Maybe Dade was like that. “Well then why don’t you just be a girl?” Madeleine asked.

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