Do they fly upside down?
Tue May 22, 2018 16:05

“Nuh-uh,” Madeleine retorted instantly, because Dade was wrong. But then she remembered that that wasn’t quite how Marissa and Dad had explained it (they had said that it wasn’t a choice to have your inside not match your outside), so she elaborated. “Well okay you don’t get to choose if you’re a girl or a boy or nonbinary, here,” she pointed to her temple, “and here,” she pointed to her heart. “That one is just how you are.”

Madeleine was a girl on the outside but she was also a girl on the inside too. She knew that she was a girl on the inside because… well she didn’t actually know how. She liked things that people said were girl things, like princesses and baking and flowers, but she also didn’t see why those had to be girl things. Aaron-Dad liked baking and he was a boy, and Professor Bennett liked flowers and he was a boy, so obviously those could be boy things too.

And besides, Madeleine liked things people said were boy things, like science class and climbing trees, so they weren’t completely boy things either. Some people just had dumb ideas about what boys and girls were supposed to do and Madeleine thought it was really silly because it stopped people from doing fun things that they liked for no reason. But she also knew that she was a girl because she just was. Also why would anyone ever want to be a boy? They weren’t as nice and smart and brave as girls and they didn’t get to wear pretty clothes.

But you can dress however you want and ask people to call you whatever you want.” Like how Jessie and Drew and Kit were actually named Jessica and Andrew and Katherine, but they went by their nicknames. Which was good because it would be so weird if any of them were called by their full names. Sometimes they got full-named when they got in trouble with the grown-ups (even Jessie) but besides those times, no one ever called them that. If Dade wanted people to call him Daisy all the time even when he wasn’t playing dress-up then he could do that too. “So yes-huh you could be a girl on the outside if you’re a girl on the inside.”

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    Madeleine proposed the concept with such ease that Dade was almost sure he misheard her. Why didn’t he just be a girl? He blinked. “That’s not how that works,” Dade said. “You don’t just be a girl,... more
    • Do they fly upside down? - Madeleine, Tue May 22 16:05
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