Director Garen Tennant
The Fantasticks Cast List
Sun Jul 29, 2018 15:57

El Gallo (the Narrator/Bandit) – Marley Chapman
Matt (the Boy) – Emmett Lawrence
Luisa (the Girl) – Susan Ober*
Hucklebee (the Boy’s father) – Leopold Harris
Bellomy (the Girl’s father) – Alice Lemont*
Henry (the Old Actor) – Grant Arrington*
Mortimer (the man who dies) – Tycho Leppit
The Mute (the wall) – Annie Ehrenstein*

Keith Allen – Stage Manager
Satveer Mittal – Set Design
Keith Allen, Jesse Keller, Satveer Mittal – Set Construction
Heather Bartel* – Hair & Makeup Artist
Katherine Kendrick – Costume Overlord Designer
Raja Nazari-Richards – Booth

Andrew Tennant – piano
Eugene Hardie – percussion

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