Remington Burnham
Doing a whole different kind of research project
Sun Aug 19, 2018 21:23

The theater wasn’t a place Remington frequented at Rocky Mountain International. That was more Kit or Drew’s terrain. Both were involved in the musicals in some way, shape, or form, and she certainly wasn’t. If Drew or Counselor Tennant asked her for help if they were short members, she’d probably volunteer herself to be a stage manager. She had the organizational skills for that, which was convenient due to her lack of performance qualities. Give her a speech and debate competition and Remington had no doubt she could crush it. But despite the fact that the school had costumes charmed to fit all shapes and sizes, the Draco couldn’t imagine being at all comfortable.

Backstage is where she belonged, which made her walk into the theater and up to the stage particularly odd. She would have preferred spending time in Draco with this, um, research project, but Catapult would be absolutely distracting. Her cat’s new favorite game was lying down on top of whatever books Remington was reading and jumping right back up when she was pushed down. It was a fun game for her, but it wasn’t great when she really wanted to focus.

Her bag of new books lightly hit her thigh as she walked across the stage and made a quiet thud when she set it down. She swung her legs over the side of the pit, swinging her sneakered feet back and forth, and let out a breath.

It was already nerve wracking to go through That Section of the bookstore. She knew that the romance genre was perfectly acceptable, but it also had a tendency to be extremely derivative and misogynistic. She’d found a list of ones that seemed tolerable, though. She’d grabbed a couple of those, as well as some titles from the young adult section to make herself feel better.

There wasn’t a point to being methodical about this. She had so many things she was thinking about. Wondering whether or not something was wrong with her for not having crushes seemed ilke something she should be able to tackle. Even Kit had a boyfriend right now. Kit. Kit Kendrick. K i t. Someone thought she was attractive and worth dating and wanted to exclusively spend time with her. Remington didn’t know what she wanted or how she felt. Based on her summer interactions with other girls her age, it seemed like she was supposed to like someone by now. She was still head over heels for Bruno Mars, because he was super talented and that made her feel all fuzzy. But when it came to her peers…

Her mom was a big fan of historical romance, which is what Remington blindly pulled out of her bag of purchases. Her cheeks grew a little warm once she took a good look at the cover. Both characters looked Latinx, one with a heaving bosom and the other topless, six pack shining from sunlight and sweat. How was this a cover for a book? What on earth was it going to be about? It told her nothing about the characters, themes, philosophies, or world of the novel. But it was on that recommended list she found, and her mom said that she read lots of romance when she was Remington’s age. That made her dad laugh, but what did he really know about relationships? It wasn’t like that was his career. His was focused on inappropriately shaped gummis and throwing parties for bored soccer moms. Outside of being with Mom, he probably didn’t know much either.

She started to read, curls pulled back by a purple and pink sparkly bow, and couldn’t believe how quickly the book went there. Geez, there was no finesse here. They just went for it. Her cheeks grew warm again and her nose wrinkled. Yeah, she certainly didn’t feel a damn thing like this for any of her peers, and why would anyone want to put their--

Someone’s voice completely startled the girl and she reacted completely on instict. Her head snapped up and, without thinking, she tossed the incriminating book into the open orchestra pit. “Huh? What? I - uh, hi, huh?”

    • Here, let me help - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 20 11:02
      It was a hummityskippityhummity kind of day for Katherine Kendrick. She was headed to the theater to work on the costumes for the school musical. Sewing was something she was very good at (to the... more
      • Please don't - Remington, Wed Aug 22 17:37
        Every so often, Remington had nightmares. There were the normal ones that she assumed most people had: falling, being lost, forgetting your lines in the school play, showing up at school naked (she... more
        • Too late - Kit, Mon Sep 3 09:50
          Wow, Kit didn’t think there were any words Remington didn’t know, but she had apparently found one! She wished she had a dictionary so she could help Remy out. Remy was super smart - maybe she had a... more
          • And later still. - Remington, Sun Sep 16 11:36
            Why did she assume Kit would let this go? Remington knew quite well at this point that good things didn’t happen to her often at Rocky Mountain International. She worked hard for her straight O’s... more
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