Katherine Kendrick
Here, let me help
Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:02

It was a hummityskippityhummity kind of day for Katherine Kendrick. She was headed to the theater to work on the costumes for the school musical. Sewing was something she was very good at (to the surprise of many, given the amount of attention to detail required vs the amount of attention to detail they thought Kit was capable of) and sewing magical costumes was much more interesting than regular sewing. There were special supplies that you needed and they had to stay in the theater according to Grandpa Garen, which meant that Kit couldn’t bring the costumes back to her room to work. Not that she wanted to be in her room anyway, since sometimes Darlene the Evil was there. So Kit was spending a fair amount of time in the theater when she wasn’t in class or in self defense club or on the Quidditch Pitch learning cool new moves.

Recently, Katherine had ended up going to the medic because one of her adventures on a broomstick had involved her hanging from her knees off the broom, which made the broom kind of hard to steer, which considering she was going very very fast was bad, which ended up with her ramming head first into one of the goalposts. Fortunately another student had been there to help her out. According to the medic, Kit was very lucky to not have a concussion. She’d ended up with a deep gash over her left eye too, which the medic had only healed part way, leaving the rest to an antiseptic potion and magical stitches that would disappear in a day or two. The injury was still visible but fading, and apparently there wouldn’t be a scar. Kit found that very disappointing. She thought that she would look dashing with a scar and then she could make up all sorts of stories about how she got it.

Anyway, Katherine skipped right on into the theater and then down the stairs and then was about to skip back to the costume room when she saw her friend. Right there on the stage, sitting over the orchestra pit, was Remy! Remy always has the most ah-maze-ing bows, and today was no exception. She also had hair that was always really fun. Kit’s hair was less fun and more a disaster, now that she didn’t have anyone to ask to help her out with it. Marissa had tried to teach her a couple of times, but Katherine had never quite caught on. She just wasn’t adept enough at manipulating what always amounted to messy frizz. Sometimes she managed to get it down into a braid, but mostly she left it loose. Kit had even tried wearing cute cloth headbands, kind of like Remy’s bows, but they weren’t nearly as cute as the bows and they kind of made Kit’s ears itchy.

“Hey Remy!” Kit chirped. To her astonishment, Remy looked startled (had she not noticed the door slam when Kit came in?) and in her astonishment, accidentally flipped her book into the orchestra pit. Oh no!

Like the Flash, Kit sped up the stairs on to the stage, then flung herself into the orchestra pit without a second thought. She had to rescue Remy’s book! Remy cared so much about books, which Kit didn’t really get, but she did like Remy and books were important to Remy so Kit needed to save her book!

Not having fully thought through the idea of catapulting herself into the orchestra pit, Katherine was quite lucky to miss the chairs and music stands that had been left since the last rehearsal. She landed on her knees then sprang up, ignoring the stinging that indicated they might have gotten a little bit of a scrape or a carpet burn beneath her space-cat-patterned leggings. Looking around, she spotted the book. It had landed on one of the chairs, kind of bent open with the corner of the cover at an awkward angle underneath it. Poor book! Carefully, Katherine picked it up and started to straighten the cover.

“I’ve got it!” she called up to Remy. Then the thirteen-year-old looked at the cover and got confused. There were two people on the cover of the book, and they both looked kind of weird. The guy wasn’t wearing a shirt for some reason and the woman looked like she had a lot of - well, it looked like she needed a much bigger bra than Kit, who still wore that training bra Mom had bought her (when she remembered). What kind of book could Remy be reading? Curious, Kit opened up to a random page and read a few things, then blinked. Why was one character touching - wait why was the other character not wearing - wait hang on. “Hey Remy?” Kit called up again. “What does ravage mean?”

  • Doing a whole different kind of research project - Remington Burnham, Sun Aug 19 21:23
    The theater wasn’t a place Remington frequented at Rocky Mountain International. That was more Kit or Drew’s terrain. Both were involved in the musicals in some way, shape, or form, and she certainly ... more
    • Here, let me help - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 20 11:02
      • Please don't - Remington, Wed Aug 22 17:37
        Every so often, Remington had nightmares. There were the normal ones that she assumed most people had: falling, being lost, forgetting your lines in the school play, showing up at school naked (she... more
        • Too late - Kit, Mon Sep 3 09:50
          Wow, Kit didn’t think there were any words Remington didn’t know, but she had apparently found one! She wished she had a dictionary so she could help Remy out. Remy was super smart - maybe she had a... more
          • And later still. - Remington, Sun Sep 16 11:36
            Why did she assume Kit would let this go? Remington knew quite well at this point that good things didn’t happen to her often at Rocky Mountain International. She worked hard for her straight O’s... more
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