Please don't
Wed Aug 22, 2018 17:37

Every so often, Remington had nightmares.

There were the normal ones that she assumed most people had: falling, being lost, forgetting your lines in the school play, showing up at school naked (she especially hated that last one). She also experienced others that felt unique to her. Ones where her dad didn’t come home from work and she heard some white ladies on the news talking about how this black man said inappropriate things to them, even though they hired him to talk about Adult Things, and there were flashes of red and blue. She imagined her mom being sent back to Mexico, which felt so illogical since she was definitely a legal resident of the country.

Sometimes, she had dreams where all of her clothes stopped fitting and became tighter and tighter until she couldn’t breathe, and no one helped her. Others included her friends going on dates and having all those new, foundational experiences, but her voice wouldn’t work anymore so no one could hear her shouting that they were leaving her behind.

Kit Kendrick barreling onto the stage and launching herself into the orchestra pit to retrieve Remington’s smutty book had to be the worst nightmare of all.

Because that’s what this was, right? A nightmare. A ridiculous, embarrassing, life threatening nightmare. She’d never felt this kind of nausea and everything moved in slow motion. She tried to tell Kit no, don’t do that, you might hurt yourself, also dear god please don’t pick up that book please this could not be happening, okay Kit just don’t look at it WHY ARE YOU FLIPPING THROUGH THE PAGES --

Instead of keeping any composure, Remington placed her hands over her face, which was so warm she felt as though it burned to touch. Someone could roast marshmallows using the heat rising from her cheeks. Would Kit notice if she just left? It would be really easy. She’d hook her hand through the handles of the bag holding the rest of her books, get up, and go. It’d be a fluid exit, really, and the fastest Remington had ever run. ...but then Kit would be left to her own devices with the book already in her hands. She had a responsibility to not let that happen, right?

“Hey Remy?” The Draco let her hands fall to her lap in the hopes that maybe Kit was just handing her the book and it was over. “What does ravage mean?”


Remington desperately wanted the orchestra pit to come alive and swallow her whole. Except, no, she didn’t want that, because Kit was currently in the orchestra pit, and then they’d both be stuck inside the belly of the beast for who knew how long, and she was not interested in being part of that new version of Pinocchio and Geppetto’s adventures, thank you very much. Was there a way she could just spontaneously combust? It was incredibly unfair that she couldn’t apparate. Or that she didn’t have an invisibility cloak. Or any ability that would allow her to disappear as much as she wanted to vanish right now.

“Um.” She heard herself try to use her voice, but her throat was incredibly dry and she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to try again. Remington kind of wanted to die, in that ‘oh no, no one could ever recover from how terribly this was going to go, so might as well stop existing until this moment is over’ kind of way. “Uh. It means, um, to… there’s destruction? Like countries in war say that the enemy ravaged them?” No, no, that’s somehow worse, why does it feel like that’s making it WORSE?! “I think it’s from a French word? It’s… yeah. To hurt something, I guess? Or not, I don’t know.”

...she could have just said she didn’t know in the beginning and have been done with it. Even though ‘I don’t know’ was one of her top three least favorite things to say. Nothing was as terrible as this, though, so she could stomach pretending to be ignorant in the hopes that Kit would drop it - and the book - and get immediately distracted. Please, Remington silently hoped for the first time in her life since knowing the red-head, Pull a Kit and notice something shiny.

  • Here, let me help - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 20 11:02
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    • Please don't - Remington, Wed Aug 22 17:37
      • Too late - Kit, Mon Sep 3 09:50
        Wow, Kit didn’t think there were any words Remington didn’t know, but she had apparently found one! She wished she had a dictionary so she could help Remy out. Remy was super smart - maybe she had a... more
        • And later still. - Remington, Sun Sep 16 11:36
          Why did she assume Kit would let this go? Remington knew quite well at this point that good things didn’t happen to her often at Rocky Mountain International. She worked hard for her straight O’s... more
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