Too late
Mon Sep 3, 2018 09:50

Wow, Kit didnít think there were any words Remington didnít know, but she had apparently found one! She wished she had a dictionary so she could help Remy out. Remy was super smart - maybe she had a dictionary in her bag that they could use. It was probably the first time in her entire life that Kit had wanted a dictionary, but she would admit that they were useful when you wanted to know words. Or would it maybe not be in the dictionary? Remy said that Ďravageí was maybe a French word, and Kit wasnít sure they had dictionaries for those. She didnít speak French, obviously, so she had a minimal idea of what the language actually entailed. For all Kit knew, people who spoke French didnít need a dictionary because there were only seventy-five words in the entire language and they could remember all of them! Well, maybe not exactly seventy-five but a small, easily remembered amount.

For a moment, the third-year was silent, trying to count how many words she knew, but it was a little confusing to think of words and count at the same time and probably not very helpful to the quest of figuring out what this word meant either. Then Kit remembered a trick that one of her early reading teachers had taught them: when you donít know a word, youíre supposed to look for context clues. Remy couldnít do that because Kit was still in the orchestra pit with the book, but if she read out loud it was quite possible that one of the two of them could figure it out. Probably Remy, since she was so smart, but maybe Kit.

Kit started reading the rest of the sentence out loud. It was a long sentence that described what, precisely, was being ravaged and included two similes that made very little sense to Kit. So much for context clues - Kit Kendrick might as well have been reading from a seventh-yearís potions book for as much sense as any of that made to her. She was pretty sure Remy was wrong about it being about destroying things though because Kit was pretty sure that it didnít make sense for one person to destroy something on another personís body without them trying to like kill the person or something. Maybe Remy was right about it being something weird and French. She didnít know much about French people but maybe they did this sort of thing a lot or something.

ďRemy do you have a dictionary?Ē Kit called up. ďWe could look it up in the dictionary. I donít think it means what you said the first time.Ē She closed the book and started to walk up the stairs that would lead her to backstage. It wasnít a very long flight of stairs, so it didnít take Kit much time before she was on the stage. She plunked herself down next to Remy, kicking her purple-glittered-Converse back and forth over the edge. The book was in her right hand, the hand farthest from Remy. Kit had kept her finger on the page that she had been reading, just in case Remy wanted to look at it for context clues herself. Reading wasnít Kitís favorite activity and she usually did it pretty slowly, whereas Remy was probably secretly made of books.

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    • Too late - Kit, Mon Sep 3 09:50
      • And later still. - Remington, Sun Sep 16 11:36
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