And later still.
Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:36

Why did she assume Kit would let this go?

Remington knew quite well at this point that good things didn’t happen to her often at Rocky Mountain International. She worked hard for her straight O’s while balancing her schedule. Socially, though, nothing was great. It had mostly been suboptimal, really. The Dade stuff made everything difficult and even though she knew Drew didn’t blame her for it, she still felt guilty. Creating problems for Drew was at the very bottom of her list. Her budding friendship with Claudia was nice, but it still… whatever, the point was that things hardly went naturally well for Remington outside of academics and this was one of those times.

As Kit decided to read the sentence out loud (oh god what if someone else walked in right now), Remington wondered if she could make an escape. Kit would notice - she couldn’t be sneaky about it - but how much did the Draco actually care about that? Kit’s reading seemed to get louder, and in that moment, Remington began to truly value the friendships she’d started to develop outside of the cluster of a friend group she currently had.

Claudia would never do this.

The worst thing about what Kit was reading was… oh, it was actually - Remington buried her face back into her hands to stifle a really uncomfortable groan. What was more horrifying right now: the fact that Kit was reading this SO LOUDLY in a theater with MAGICAL ACOUSTICS that made microphones almost seem unnecessary, or the fact that the words were actually making Remington feel weirdly tingly and uncomfortable and squirmy?

All of the above. All of it was horrifying. There wasn’t a scale of comparison to work with here.

“Remy do you have a dictionary? We could look it up in the dictionary. I don’t think it means what you said the first time.” Remington waited to answer, because suddenly she heard Kit start to move, and the tiniest part of her hoped that the red-head found a new distraction to torment. That hope found itself dead and underground in an instant, though, once Kit plopped herself down next to the dark skinned Draco.

“No, Kit, I don’t have a dictionary,” she said from behind her hands. She wished she did. Maybe she could get Kit to read from a dictionary instead. Her heart was beating way too fast against her chest. Remington didn’t get embarrassed much, but this definitely was the worst thing to ever happen to her. Slowly, she dropped her hands from her face and onto her lap, trying again to get Kit to focus on anything but the very confusing smut in her hyperactive hands. “So, um… what did you come to the theater for? You were here to do something that wasn’t this right?”

  • Too late - Kit, Mon Sep 3 09:50
    Wow, Kit didn’t think there were any words Remington didn’t know, but she had apparently found one! She wished she had a dictionary so she could help Remy out. Remy was super smart - maybe she had a... more
    • And later still. - Remington, Sun Sep 16 11:36
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