Remington Burnham
I think I owe an explanation [TAG Claudia]
Mon Mar 4, 2019 14:31

The first few days of term had been wonderful. It started with her being announced the new Draco Prefect at the opening feast. Honestly, she didn’t know what she would have done if she hadn’t gotten prefect. Remington wanted it since she was a first year. There wasn’t much competition for her to get the position, admittedly, but Rocky Mountain International probably had unfair prefect appointments before.

Then, she and Drew found out that Drew was going to be editor of Rocky Voices! As soon as she had a moment, she gave Drew the biggest hug and told him they had to go celebrate. The two of them ended up on Pearl Street, where they did celebrate each other, but they also caught up. She told him about the party, the game, and everything Connor said to her. Part of their time together was spent convincing Drew not to go and punch Connor in the face again.

Remington had a better plan, anyway.

She looked for Claudia in the library but didn’t find her. It took her a moment to decide where to look next. Remington couldn’t get inside of Cetus, not that she would particularly want to. Draco was the best house. Very chill, no arson, no punching. If they ever figured out how to visit other common rooms, Drew could visit her. Cetus was just one step away from imploding on itself, and she did not want to be around for that.

Granted, she might be helping a little bit with Cetus destroying itself from the inside, but it would be fine. It was fine.

Eventually, she realized Claudia might be in the theater. Her friend sometimes played piano there. Remington didn’t have great feelings about the RMI theater, but it wasn’t like she was about to have another run in with Kit and her Kit-ness. Probably.

Thankfully, Claudia was there, and there was no Kit-ness to be found. She made her way over to her friend and held out the book she’d borrowed from the Dubois library. “Hey. Thanks for letting me borrow this.” Remington hesitated, before moving on. “Can we talk? I’m ready to tell you why I left your party.”

No turning back now.

    • You owe me nothing - Claudia Dubois, Mon Mar 4 16:30
      One of the benefits of being temporarily (dear Merlin, she hoped) rebuffed by pureblood society was that Claudia had more time over the summer to allot to her chosen activities. Naturally she... more
      • As your friend, I do - Remington, Mon Mar 4 20:53
        If the Draco had been able to think of much else besides what she wanted to tell Claudia, she would have told her friend that her piano playing sounded nice. Playing an instrument was something... more
        • You're still my friend? - Claudia, Fri Mar 8 16:20
          She had entirely compartmentalized everything that had happened so far this term - and it was an unforgivably large quantity of nonsense for less than twenty-four hours - to deal with at a thus far... more
          • Of course - Remington, Mon Mar 11 23:41
            The possibility that Claudia might not believe her lingered between them, making Remington’s stomach churn with anxiety. She didn’t like not knowing things. She had hopes and a strong suspicion that... more
            • I am relieved - Claudia, Tue Mar 12 17:26
              Claudia was not used to seeing Remington upset. She had been upset in Remy’s presence plenty of times (indeed, Remington had seen Claudia at what was probably her most unraveled moment in the whole... more
              • So am I - Remington, Sat Mar 16 20:10
                Remington wasn’t always a physically affectionate person. It absolutely depended on the situation, as well as who she was spending time with. Her family hugged and stuff, her dad more than her mom,... more
                • What’s next? - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 10:11
                  Remy acknowledged that Connor’s friendship was a positive experience for Claudia, an assertion that drew Claudia to contemplate its truth for a moment. She depended on Connor for strength and... more
                  • What happens now? - Remington, Tue Mar 19 17:34
                    Remington knew that people question her and Claudia’s friendship. They were two very different girls. On paper, they didn’t make much sense, and the Draco could acknowledge that. She was a halfblood... more
                    • The next thread - Claudia, Sun Mar 24 16:35
                      “Is there anything I can do for you? I know listening… it isn’t always easy.” It was, admittedly, sometimes easier to determinedly defend one’s own opinion than to hear another perspective, but it... more
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