I'll wait and see how you feel
Fri Feb 3, 2017 12:36

She waited for Danny to answer. It was almost suspenseful. There was no way that Danny hadn’t kissed anyone before. They were teenagers at a small school, though. If he had, wouldn’t she have heard about it? It’s not like people at Rocky Mountain International were quiet. Gossip, no matter how true, travelled faster than one would expect.

“Nope.” Marissa blinked her green eyes and opened her mouth to try and say something. What she was going to say was a mystery to her, and she didn’t get to find out, because Danny cut her off by saying, “It’s not a big deal.”

Marissa made a couple of sounds that she assumed were going to be the beginnings of very eloquent, insightful sentences, but Danny was up and moving. It was distracting. She guessed it made sense. He was a pureblood, and from her experience there were two types of pureblood. One was proper and did what they were supposed to. The other did all of the things they weren’t supposed to do. There was a rare breed that fell into a weird, grey area, third type. Maybe that’s where Danny was.

And then he was sitting next to her. Marissa watched him carefully, wondering what interesting fact about himself he was going to reveal next. She scooted a little closer so he could be as secretive about it as he wanted.

“No, it’s not weird,” she finally said. “It’s sweet.” She hadn’t realized that Danny had a quiet romantic heart. She thought, keeping quiet, before turning to look at Danny again. She smiled, and it was a softer smile than usually seen on Marissa Kendrick. It was still playful, of course, but not as mischievous.

“You and I are friends, right? We care about each other,” Marissa hoped so, since they were in school for their fifth year together, “Have you ever thought about…? If you want to, you can kiss me.” Marissa wasn’t going to steal his first kiss away from him, but if Danny wanted to kiss her… well, how could she say no to that?

  • That depends on your next post - Danny, Fri Feb 3 06:55
    For just a moment it seemed as though Marissa was going to interpret his comment they way it had been intended, vis-à-vis stage kissing. But then she sat up, and said “Have you ever- wait, you’ve... more
    • I'll wait and see how you feel - Marissa, Fri Feb 3 12:36
      • Aren't you the gentleman - Danny, Fri Feb 3 15:16
        Marissa scooted a little closer, and Danny tried not to be too concerned by her proximity. He still hadn’t forgotten that time in DADA. He vaguely wondered whether she might have teased him in that... more
        • I have manners - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 11:32
          Marissa did think Danny was sweet. He was great, really. She could always trust Danny for some kind of laugh. They teased and flirted all the time. He really was one of her best friends at RMI. Rose, ... more
          • You are a rare breed - Danny, Sat Feb 4 14:13
            As Danny finished his explanation, he felt that Marissa was being surprisingly understanding. No wait, that wasn't fair; her being understanding was completely within her character. Danny was aware... more
            • I think we're both pretty unique - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 15:48
              It didn’t look like Danny was going to kiss her, and Marissa couldn’t help but be disappointed by that. She wasn’t the type of person to push someone if they said no; it wasn’t her style. People just ... more
              • Just like everybody else - Danny, Sat Feb 4 17:01
                He hadn’t even realised that he wanted to have this conversation with someone, but now that it had happened, Danny was glad about it. He didn’t think his kissing habits, or lack thereof, would ever... more
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