As your friend, I do
Mon Mar 4, 2019 20:53

If the Draco had been able to think of much else besides what she wanted to tell Claudia, she would have told her friend that her piano playing sounded nice. Playing an instrument was something Remington had never managed to do. She tried piano, but it didn’t stick. Over a year in fourth grade she’d also found herself testing a violin and a viola. There might have been a trombone somewhere in there. Nothing spoke to her. She absolutely admired her friends who could play any instrument.

“Of course.” Remington was almost relieved. She didn’t want to force her story onto Claudia if it was unwanted. At the moment, it wasn’t worth pushing. Still, she knew that Claudia had… ew, some kind of feelings for the other Cetus. She needed to know who she was dealing with. ”I was worried about you. What happened?”

“I didn’t mean to worry you,” Remington said. She chose to sit next to Claudia on the piano bench, thankful for the space. She ran her hands over her soft pink jeans and resisted the urge to tug on the sleeves of her khaki green ribbed sweater. While she wasn’t wearing her robes, since she wasn’t in class, her new prefect badge was still pinned to the front of her sweater. It was a source of pride for her, and it gave her a little boost of confidence.

“I know this isn’t something you’re going to want to hear,” she said gently, kindly, but firmly. “Connor and I had a moment alone by the pool at your party, right after I left the library with that book. I sat down to read, and we got into it.” She didn’t look away from Claudia, because she wasn’t ashamed about what happened. Connor was the one at fault here. “He made it very clear that he thinks I don’t deserve to be your friend and that I didn’t belong at your party.

“He also said some pretty terrible things. Not just phrases like ‘you people’ which he definitely said. He clearly meant people like me and Marley - you know, people of color. When I realized he was just going to keep being rude, I got up to leave the conversation, because I knew continuing to talk was just going to make things worse.” Remington clenched her jaw and pushed through to the actual difficult thing to mention. It was difficult because, no matter how much she wanted to deny it, a tiny part of her found truth in some of Connor’s insults, and she hated herself for that. No matter how many times she’d recounted this story already, to Nolan and Drew (she couldn’t bring herself to tell DJ - what if he realized Connor was right and she wasn’t actually worth all the flirting?), it hadn’t gotten easier.

“Connor shot a spell at me, with my back turned, to rip my swimsuit. Right over my ass. And when I turned around to confront him, he suggested that my mom was a slut who taught me to dress that way, and then told me my breasts were the only part of me worth looking at.” She swallowed. “I left him and went home. I just… I know you have - I know you like him. But you deserve a lot better. I just wanted you to know how he treats some of your friends.”

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    • As your friend, I do - Remington, Mon Mar 4 20:53
      • You're still my friend? - Claudia, Fri Mar 8 16:20
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          • I am relieved - Claudia, Tue Mar 12 17:26
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            • So am I - Remington, Sat Mar 16 20:10
              Remington wasn’t always a physically affectionate person. It absolutely depended on the situation, as well as who she was spending time with. Her family hugged and stuff, her dad more than her mom,... more
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