Deagret Wyckland
Practice time...Maybe...
Mon Mar 4, 2019 21:47

Deagret sighed loudly as she dropped her bag in the practice room of the theater, raising her arms high above her head as she stretched, enjoying the slight burn of her muscles and joints.

It'd been awhile since she'd last danced--her instructor back home (who had been told she was going to boarding school) had already told her to keep up on her skills. Just because she was going away for school didn't mean she could slack on her skills.

Unzipping her bag, Dea eyed the pointe shoes in her bag with a curled lip. She really should break her new ones in...and practice in them...but was it worth the pain? Sighing once again, she decided to first start stretching out.

Throwing her hair up into a quick messy bun, the redhead started off with stretching out her arms and neck and upper body before going into the real stuff--the legs. She groaned the whole time, but the feeling of pulling off a perfect middle splits was quite ego-boosting.

Crossing her legs, she pulled her nude-colored pointe shoes out from her black ballet bag, along with her scissors, some glue, and a small sewing kit. As much as she didn't like wearing the shoes, they made her feel empowered, and there was nothing better than relieving a week's worth of frustration by breaking them in.

It'd been a crazy week at school--she'd made a few new friends (Jake and Kit came to mind immediately, but perhaps Elliot as well. Though, he was a little harder to read than the other two), struggled with learning a few basic spells and consistently forgot the wand movements to a few of them, and had to deal with homework that she barely knew any of the answers to. Maybe Kit would help her out? She was an upper year, and seemed pretty intelligent, and she would definitely have way more experience. Deagret made a mental note as she cracked her fingers to find Kit at lunch and see if the blonde couldn't help her out with homework. She was spending way too much time in the library as it was; studying wasn't helping anymore.

She didn't even remember that the door was wide open as she began to violently slam the delicate-looking, extremely expensive shoes into the wooden flooring, and most certainly wasn't aware (nor heard) the footsteps growing steadily louder.

    • What, exactly, are you practicing for? - Norah Nilssen, Tue Mar 5 00:33
      Norah stared down at her breakfast as she twirled her spoon idly in it. The oatmeal with cinnamon apples was as appetizing as ever (a much better alternative to the pancakes that Brynjolf had shoved... more
      • I really don't know... - Deagret, Thu Mar 7 23:16
        Ah, there truly wasn't any better therapy than this, was there? Deagret thought. She pounded the pink pointe shoes into the oak flooring, one-two one-two one-two, one in each hand. Sometimes, she had ... more
        • Well I guess that makes two of us! - Norah, Tue Mar 12 18:17
          Norah blinked once or twice as the girl continued banging her shoes violently against the floor. The other girl shot up though, causing the Lyra to take a step or two back and raise her hands... more
          • (sorry for the late reply!) - Deagret, Sun Mar 31 16:09
            Shrugging, Deagret set her shoes down before slipping them on to try them out. She shifted her feet into her various positions before lifting herself up on her toes and trying to feel out whether or... more
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