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Mon Mar 11, 2019 23:41

The possibility that Claudia might not believe her lingered between them, making Remington’s stomach churn with anxiety. She didn’t like not knowing things. She had hopes and a strong suspicion that Claudia would trust her story, just like Remington had trusted the Cetus’ story about a different Farnon way back when, but she didn’t know - she wouldn’t know - until Claudia said something.


Remington knew this was a lot. She also didn’t think it could be that much of a surprise. Yes, Connor never treated Claudia this way, but he had a history of racist and homophobic comments. If enough people shared the same story of their interactions with someone, it became pretty hard to ignore. She doubted Marley had any decent one-on-one’s with Connor to speak of, and it was common knowledge that he’d used a racist slur when Drew (rightfully) punched him. And it wasn’t as though Connor had ever been kind to her in front of Claudia, more… snide and rude than outright cruel. It couldn’t be that big of a deal, hearing this. It wasn’t comfortable, sure, but… surprising?

Claudia was clearly distressed, though, so Remington didn’t say any of those things. She just waited. She could do that. It felt like time moved slower as she did, but she wore her patience like an armor, not wanting Claudia to see she might be as anxious to hear what she had to say as Claudia was upset to have heard her story.

When she did finally speak, Remington didn’t interrupt. She let Claudia puzzle it out, even if she didn’t agree. The Draco didn’t point out that Connor was very different without the girl he clearly had major feelings for around, because being terrible probably wouldn’t work in his favor. She trusted the other girl’s intellect enough to believe she’d come to that conclusion on her own. The question she did ask Remington, though, was one she hadn’t realized might come up.

”Why in Merlin’s name didn’t you say something at the time?”

She opened her mouth to answer, then realized it felt like her voice had been trapped. Remington swallowed to get rid of the lump in her throat before trying again. “Several reasons. It was your party, and I didn’t want to ruin it. And…” She trailed off. This wasn’t something she wanted to say out loud, because it was so stupid and she knew it. She hated the part of herself that let Connor and his words get to her.

“And I was embarrassed. And… in the moment, and a little bit right now, it’s been hard to convince myself that what he said isn’t true. I know it isn’t, but some part of me still…” she let out a frustrated breath and clenched her fists just a little, not wanting to look at Claudia.

“I know I have worth and I’m super smart and I’m going places and all of the things that I’ve worked hard for, that matter to me. But after the Malachi stuff and just everything that’s been happening here,” like Dade - Dakota - so readily throwing her away, Malachi going after someone else like she was just someone to settle for, the possibility that DJ didn’t actually like her but just liked to flirt with her and everyone else, “It was really hard to hear someone actually say, out loud, that I wasn’t worth anything more than…” She gestured at her chest, then let her hand fall back into her lap. “I was embarrassed. I still am.”

  • You're still my friend? - Claudia, Fri Mar 8 16:20
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    • Of course - Remington, Mon Mar 11 23:41
      • I am relieved - Claudia, Tue Mar 12 17:26
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        • So am I - Remington, Sat Mar 16 20:10
          Remington wasn’t always a physically affectionate person. It absolutely depended on the situation, as well as who she was spending time with. Her family hugged and stuff, her dad more than her mom,... more
          • What’s next? - Claudia, Sun Mar 17 10:11
            Remy acknowledged that Connor’s friendship was a positive experience for Claudia, an assertion that drew Claudia to contemplate its truth for a moment. She depended on Connor for strength and... more
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