I am relieved
Tue Mar 12, 2019 17:26

Claudia was not used to seeing Remington upset. She had been upset in Remy’s presence plenty of times (indeed, Remington had seen Claudia at what was probably her most unraveled moment in the whole history of her life), but the reverse was not true, until now. It caused Claudia to sit rigidly still, if only so she didn’t squirm in discomfort. Remy wasn’t bubbly and bouncy in an obnoxious way like Kit or Danny or Marley, but she was often chipper, at least; high spirited and enthusiastic. To see her as she was now, anxious and faltering, embarrassed and frustrated, was mortifying. Claudia almost felt like she should look away, to allow Remington to retain dignity in her vulnerability. Remy wasn’t making eye contact, so Claudia obligingly looked at the other girl’s jeans, rather than her face. For once she didn’t allow her mind to deviate from the conversation by wondering why on earth a girl would choose to wear such restrictive, unflattering and unconservative garments as jeans, but stayed determinedly focused on the disaster at hand.

Firstly, Claudia wanted to reassure Remington that she had not ruined her party, and neither would she have done if she’d chosen to relate this events closer to their occurrence; it would have been Connor who ruined it (and that thought gave her pause; why would Connor be so unchivalrous to Remington when the girl in question could easily have told Claudia about it immediately afterwards?), if indeed any ruination would have occurred. Secondly, Claudia could understand why Remy would feel embarrassed, even while she could practically hear Marley screaming in her head that being ill treated by a person was nothing to be embarrassed about.

As for believing such awful things about herself… well, Claudia could understand that, too. She had wholly believed Jordan when she overheard him say that nobody would want her, now. It had taken a great deal of convincing on Marley’s part for her to begin to think otherwise. Claudia was smart, too - not as intelligent as Remy, however - but she would not be ‘going places’, as her friend phrased it: Claudia would marry whoever her parents deemed appropriate (if any such proposals ever came her way, which, after the events of the summer, was looking increasingly less likely), produce heirs for her husband, and continue to sustain her position in society as far as she was able. Remy would do great things with her life: she would, discover, innovate and create, and perhaps one day people beyond her own kin and social circle would know her name. To be crushed - and repeatedly - by boys who didn’t understand what a wonderful person she was, and for them to make her feel these things were true, was perfect travesty.

Rather than address these concerns individually, she consider the situation as a whole. Claudia did not enjoy physical contact under most circumstances, only allowing people with whom she was exceedingly close, and who had gained her trust, to touch her, and then only with permission. In this moment, the remedy that would best serve the Draco was an expression of vehement objection to restore her fragile self-worth, and comfort to sooth the hurt. Without hesitation, Claudia leaned in and wrapped both her arms around Remy - one around her shoulder, the other lower down her back - and embraced her friend in a firm hug.

“You are one of the most sensational people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing,” Claudia said over Remington’s shoulder.

She held the hug for a moment longer, until she felt the proximity pressing on her like an absence of oxygen. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Claudia affirmed, pulling away. If anything, she should be the embarrassed party between them, having been far too forthright with Remy as a result of the Roulettes, but luckily Claudia could blame her own reactions on the potion. It sounded as though Remy’s liquid luck had worn off too soon. “Connor, on the other hand,” she frowned, her mouth and eyebrows tilting downwards in unison, “should be mortified and ashamed.”

Glancing back at Remy, Claudia bit her lip for a moment, debating the merit of honesty, and then offered, “I can’t quite believe it’s true. He’s just so…” she thought for a word that aptly described the perfection of Connor’s attentions to her, and settled on, “respectful to me. I know,” she hastily added, “he isn’t that way with everyone.” His history was against him, although Claudia believed Connor matured past prejudiced outbursts. “But I have no reason to suspect you would lie to me. You trusted me before, so I’m trusting you, now.” She hoped this would prompt Remy to give up any pretense, should it exist. “Was there anything else?”

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