So am I
Sat Mar 16, 2019 20:10

Remington wasn’t always a physically affectionate person. It absolutely depended on the situation, as well as who she was spending time with. Her family hugged and stuff, her dad more than her mom, so she was used to that from them. Her dad loved bear hugs; he used to pick her up and swing her around when she was little, growling and pretending to hug as tight as humanly possible. It made her laugh. Her mom was all about light touches, a hand on her cheek or a loving squeeze on the shoulder.

When she was closer to Dade - Dakota - she’d learn that just being there could be as effective and comforting to someone as a hug. Being present was its own kind of affection. With Drew, Remington was very comfortable with being touched. They snuggled sometimes, like watching a movie at her house over break, but it always felt incredibly platonic, something best friends would do. She’d even fallen asleep once.

There were times where her body felt too big, too out of place, to be wrapped up in a hug. She worried that the person’s arms might not fit all the way around. The times she briefly imagined getting to kiss someone, the idea of hands on her waist or hips or back - it made her feel uncomfortable. She couldn’t control when she felt this way, felt too misshapen to be touched, and she despised that, lately, she’d harbored that kind of anxiety toward her body more and more.

So it was unexpected when Claudia put her arms around the Draco. She didn’t get time to prepare herself for that possibility, and later she’d probably be relieved that it didn’t make her feel worse. In fact, it helped. She knew there were studies about how hugging and the pressure did good things to the brain chemistry, but Remington didn’t always believe them to be completely valid based on her own experiences. Today, they seemed to be a bit more true.

“You are one of the most sensational people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.”

Remington briefly rested her head on Claudia’s shoulder and closed her brown eyes, allowing herself to try and take in her friend’s words. She wouldn’t say them if she didn’t believe them to be true, and Remington knew that. She didn’t quite believe them herself, but that didn’t take away their value.

“Thanks,” she mumbled before Claudia pulled away. She shook her head at her question. “That’s all. I just… I know he’s great for you. I do. And I really don’t think he’d do anything to hurt you. But if I were…” She couldn’t think of the right way to say it. They weren’t dating or betrothed or whatever other possibilities there were for people like Claudia and Connor. “If one of my closest friends was awful to others, or mistreated others, I’d want to know. I didn’t feel comfortable keeping it from you.”

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