Aren't you the gentleman
Fri Feb 3, 2017 15:16

Marissa scooted a little closer, and Danny tried not to be too concerned by her proximity. He still hadn’t forgotten that time in DADA. He vaguely wondered whether she might have teased him in that way if she’d have known that he hadn’t kissed anyone before. He still sometimes wondered how he would have felt about it if she had kissed him that time, but was mostly grateful that wasn’t something he had to worry about. Dardanius thought that he and Marissa had a great friendship, that often included a hefty helping of mutual ridicule and plenty of harmless flirting, and didn’t really want either of them to do anything to ruin that. This conversation, for example. It was surreal, true enough, but so far it wasn’t uncomfortable.

“Sweet?” Danny repeated through a chortle. In the space of about a minute she had called him pretty and sweet. What was he, a sugar quill? At least she wasn’t calling him weird, so that was something. Or sappy, or romantic or unconventional or any number of other adjectives that other people might have used in that scenario. Plus she was smiling at him (and not her ‘I can turn this against you’ smile, with which he was suitably familiar to recognise) so he was starting to assume that she had accepted his premise of this whole no kissing scenario not being a Big Deal.

“You and I are friends, right? We care about each other.” Oh. But then again, maybe not. Dardanius could tell where Marissa was going with that train of thought before it even left the station. Still, it was a nice gesture, so he responded with a smile, rather than hastily scooting away. At least she didn’t just go right ahead and kiss him without even making sure that was okay; his Mom had once told him that her first kiss had been with someone at a school party who had just gone ahead and jumped right in. So to speak.

“Of course I care about you,” he said, nudging her shoulder with his own. They had been close friends for years. “And yes, I have thought about,” he said, intentionally mimicking her trailing off mid-sentence. He was only human and Marissa was attractive. Nevermind she liked to wear faux-leather bras to class and lacy shorts in the theatre. Also she was actually a genuinely nice person, so yes, of course he had thought about it. At the same time, he was Dardanius Dubois, and there was more to romance than just liking a girl, as far as he was concerned. “It’s just that…” This time the trailing off was unintentional. His intrinsic logic on this matter made complete sense to him internally, but he had never tried to voice his logic aloud. He gave it a try.

“I’m an heir,” he said, glancing at Marissa, then talking to his shoes. He knew that on some level Marissa would know this, as they had bantered about his family and their wealth from time to time, but he didn’t know if she really understood what that meant for him. “So maybe I like a girl enough to kiss her, and then maybe we get close, and maybe I’m crazy about her,” he said, starting to feel awkward for the first time in their conversation so far. “And then maybe she realises I’m destined to marry a particular kind of girl, and make my own little heirs, and maybe she’s not comfortable with that.” Or maybe his family didn’t approve of her. His immediate family wasn’t the concern - he doubted his own parents would care who he dated, or married, or anything - but his extended family were the crazy sort that gave pureblood families everywhere a bad name.

“So,” Danny exhaled, “I dunno. I’m freaked out about hypotheticals,” he said, idly messing up his hair further by dragging his hand through it with a nervous laugh. “I find it hard to separate just one kiss,” he held one hand out in front of him to indicate one concept, “and the future Dubois heiress.” He held up his other hand, and then clapped them together in front of him. “Is that still sweet,” he looked at her for a reaction, “or is it weird, now?”

  • I'll wait and see how you feel - Marissa, Fri Feb 3 12:36
    She waited for Danny to answer. It was almost suspenseful. There was no way that Danny hadn’t kissed anyone before. They were teenagers at a small school, though. If he had, wouldn’t she have heard... more
    • Aren't you the gentleman - Danny, Fri Feb 3 15:16
      • I have manners - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 11:32
        Marissa did think Danny was sweet. He was great, really. She could always trust Danny for some kind of laugh. They teased and flirted all the time. He really was one of her best friends at RMI. Rose, ... more
        • You are a rare breed - Danny, Sat Feb 4 14:13
          As Danny finished his explanation, he felt that Marissa was being surprisingly understanding. No wait, that wasn't fair; her being understanding was completely within her character. Danny was aware... more
          • I think we're both pretty unique - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 15:48
            It didn’t look like Danny was going to kiss her, and Marissa couldn’t help but be disappointed by that. She wasn’t the type of person to push someone if they said no; it wasn’t her style. People just ... more
            • Just like everybody else - Danny, Sat Feb 4 17:01
              He hadn’t even realised that he wanted to have this conversation with someone, but now that it had happened, Danny was glad about it. He didn’t think his kissing habits, or lack thereof, would ever... more
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