What’s next?
Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:11

Remy acknowledged that Connor’s friendship was a positive experience for Claudia, an assertion that drew Claudia to contemplate its truth for a moment. She depended on Connor for strength and support, and he was able to provide it unquestioningly. He was the model of politeness and good breeding when in her company, although she knew that was not always the case: he did not get along with Drew, Remy, or very well with Marley (and she sincerely hoped it was not related to the color of their skin, but if two construed coincidence and three made a pattern, this evidence was damning). If he only behaved appropriately within certain company, did that negate his efforts?

Claudia was not the best judge of her own character, but she liked to believe she was as much a lady with one person as any other (historical flares of temper notwithstanding). Claudia considered a gentleman to be thus continuously, not only when the situations would benefit him, or the company was refined to match his own … especially were she to retain friendships with Marley and Remington, which she very much desired to do. Magdalena and Darlene were delightful company - Claudia hoped she would stay friends with Alena, especially (there was no knowing how Darlene would turn out if she continued her relationship with Andrew) for the duration of their lives - but there was no challenge in their acquaintance; no exchange of knowledge or defense of beliefs. It had taken Claudia a while to adjust to the sensation of not being agreed with all the time, but now she relished it.

“If one of my closest friends was awful to others, or mistreated others, I’d want to know,” Remy said. Claudia nodded in response; it pained her to hear it, but she would rather be aware of the facts in this instance, than continue to ignorantly defend Connor without knowing the vile extent of his disrespect.

“Thank you for telling me,” she replied. No wonder Remy had been upset and decided to leave the party. “I’m so sorry this happened to you,” Claudia continued. She’d believed her home would be a safe and enjoyable base for all her friends. That one of her closest and most trusted acquaintances would ruin it for another was galling to say the least. “I can only apologize that one of my guests treated you with such disrespect - well, actually, that’s not all I can do,” she corrected after a beat. “I am mortified Connor said any of those things to you. Please trust that I will confront him about this directly. His conduct was completely unacceptable.” In fact she was driven by shame, curiosity and indignation to find Connor immediately. Only her concern for Remy’s well-being was still keeping her seated in the present moment.

“Are you okay?” she pressed. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

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