JD Daegan
Wed Jun 26, 2019 16:56

In his short time at Rocky Mountain International, JD signed a couple of autographs. Two very pretty blonde sisters asked within the first forty eight hours, and he very kindly obliged. JD valued his fanbase; he could spare his time for a signature. In fact, he kept his favorite self-inking quill on his person at all times. He was prepared.

So it bothered him that that was it. No one else asked for his autograph. He’d locked eyes with another housemate once or twice, thinking she might ask. Instead, the darker skinned girl always grinned like she was planning something and walked away. It made him nervous. Who decided he should attend this school without his security detail? He couldn’t predict what nonsense might happen to him! Witches be crazy.

Still, fear for his personal safety wouldn’t destroy his dedication to his fans. Perhaps they were being polite. They knew that he was here to be Humble and Like Them, ugh, so they could be giving him space to adjust. JD didn’t need space or time to prepare for his life in this hellhole. He was adaptable, could perform on any stage in the world (as long as the production team followed his rider).

Marie Antoinette said the people could eat cake. His people could totally get autographs. They were easier to hand out and far less messy and fattening.

He spent time in the mirror making his blonde hair the exact amount of messy. This was an art, and thankfully he’d learned enough from his favorite stylists over time to be able to replicate the exact rolled-out-of-bed look that made everyone go wild. The thirteen year old winked one of his stunning blue eyes at the teen heartthrob in his reflection before making his way to the theater.

Inside, he set up a signing table on stage. It was a horror that he had to do it himself - couldn’t find a single house elf to help him - but he’d do anything for the fans. He didn’t have any fliers out, because he could only do so much, but he knew word of mouth would carry the news further and faster than any piece of paper could. So he waited, and when a student who seemed close to his age, he flashed them his best smile.

They definitely weren’t a first year.

“Yes, yes, it’s me,” he said with a grin. Unsigned headshots winked at the student. “I can sign a headshot for you, as well as up to two pieces of merchandise you’ve brought yourself.”

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      • You don't know me, but you will - JD, Wed Jul 3 00:29
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              Jesse watched curiously as JD wrote Felix’s name, his own name, and some other words - that Jesse could only assume were song lyrics, as that was the other suggestion JD had initially proposed - on... more
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