Jesse Keller
Not for me
Thu Jun 27, 2019 09:34

It was not long into the second half (or second portion, really: Jesse had no ever stopped to calculate whether midterm did, as its name suggested, fall centrally between the start and end of term dates) of term that Jesse became aware one of the transfer students was apparently known outside of the confines of the school for his musical prowess. Initially Jesse had been impressed that someone as young as inexperienced in life as himself had managed to hone a talent so magnificently that he had accrued acclaim for this skill beyond his own kin. Jesse had never had much skill or discernible talent in anything much, but his younger brother was quite talented in many areas, although he had not amassed any fame of his own.

However, it soon transpired that this new students was not a musician in the way Jesse had originally imagined him, but was a popular music artist. In fact he was one of the many popular music artists that Felix listened to. Regularly, much to Jesse’s disgruntlement. Luckily for the older of the Keller boys, Jesse was especially adept at tuning out background noise when he was reading, so he could not confess to being familiar with any of the tunes that had spurred JD (now this was another perplexing point: there was already a student at school, in Jesse’s house, named DJ. It was absolutely inevitable that he would confuse the letters, and therefore the names, of these two boys. Probably on multiple occasions) to fame. Felix, on the other hand, probably knew every word to every song.

Therefore, when it came to his attention that the aforementioned teen pop sensation was signing autographs for his fans, Jesse decided it was an eminently suitable time to instigate one of those rare occasions that saw one of the Keller brothers doing something nice for the other, without any reason, encouragement, or instruction. Knowing that Felix would be delighted with the surprise (and hoping this would mean he might refrain from hitting, pushing, or name-calling Jesse quite so much when he next returned home in the summer), Jesse went into the theater to ask JD to provide the service the other third year was offering. He was dressed, as usual, in sneakers that were old and scuffed, jeans that were worn, and a t-shirt with bold print: today’s was pale green with darker green bear paw prints all over.

“I don’t have any merchandise,” Jesse said in response to the unorthodox greeting. “It’s not for me, I don’t really know who you are, apart from a new student here,” he told the stranger who was apparently famous. Before he could allow himself to be distracted or interrupted, Jesse pushed on, “It’s for my brother, Felix. He’s younger than me, he doesn’t go here yet,” Jesse explained why he was present on behalf of his brother. If Felix was allowed to go anywhere near one of his precious pop icons he most definitely would not allow Jesse to be there in his place. “So if you could sign a picture for him for me to send home I would appreciate it.”

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    • Not for me - Jesse Keller, Thu Jun 27 09:34
      • You don't know me, but you will - JD, Wed Jul 3 00:29
        If they didn’t shop the merch, were they really a true fan? JD expected a hoard of teens to overtake Rocky Mountain International’s theater, their zombie bloodlust for his Perfect Freshness driving... more
        • Lucky Me - Jesse, Fri Jul 5 09:19
          The popular music sensation that referred to himself as JD didn’t seem perplexed by Jesse not knowing who he was, in particular, or that the required autograph was for someone other than himself. Not ... more
          • You're more than lucky - JD, Wed Jul 10 16:21
            “I suppose just using initials makes it very easy to remember how to spell your own name.” Was… did this boy just throw shade? JD’s blue eyes narrowed only slightly. Despite what people (his mom, his ... more
            • ... Luck...iest? - Jesse, Fri Jul 12 15:53
              Jesse watched curiously as JD wrote Felix’s name, his own name, and some other words - that Jesse could only assume were song lyrics, as that was the other suggestion JD had initially proposed - on... more
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