Lucky Me
Fri Jul 5, 2019 09:19

The popular music sensation that referred to himself as JD didn’t seem perplexed by Jesse not knowing who he was, in particular, or that the required autograph was for someone other than himself. Not that Jesse was adept at interpreting emotions from social interactions, but the other boy was smiling, and that was rarely a sign of discontentment. Regardless, he selected one of the photographs, as Jesse requested, and picked up a quill.

Jesse could - and would - debate that Felix had good taste, but now didn’t seem the most appropriate time for that. For example Jesse could tell JD that Felix liked to wear sequins on just about everything, which wasn’t good taste, in Jesse’s opinion, or that Felix would listen to any music that was peppy and poppy and liable to annoy Jesse, but perhaps insulting JD’s trade at this crucial moment wasn’t the most brilliant scheme, either. He could - and would - also argue that Felix was not wise for his age: he was below average in his classes and instead of bettering himself academically he chose to focus on the clarinet and gymnastics and acting and dancing and learning how to paint animals on Lola’s face. But again, disparaging his younger brother or the famous popstar at school, especially right in this moment, wouldn’t help anyone.

So he just nodded, and followed along as JD kept talking. Jesse didn’t like people who talked a lot. He found listening difficult. Not the hearing part, his ears worked fine, but he didn’t always follow along very well because his mind made jumps in one direction and the other person’s mind made jumps in a different direction, and very quickly they’d lost each other. He preferred people to use short, succinct sentences, and who gave opportunities for clarification and discussion.

“How should I personalize it? With a favorite song lyric, perhaps? His name?” Jesse didn’t know any song lyrics, let alone Felix’s favorite, but he knew his name. That was a decision made easily. “You’ll need to spell it for me,” JD said, “You wouldn’t believe how many people spell normal sounding names in the dumbest ways.”

“I suppose just using initials makes it very easy to remember how to spell your own name,” Jesse said aloud without thinking. “My brother’s name is Felix. That’s F-e-l-i-x.” He didn’t think there was another way to spell Felix but he also had no reason to quarrel about some parents spelling their children’s names is peculiar ways. “My name is Jesse,” he added. “You don’t need to write anything out for me, but I’m in your classes. I’m in third year, too, in Draco House.” There, he had introduced himself and was about to acquire an autographed picture to send to Felix. This was a successful venture.

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    • Lucky Me - Jesse, Fri Jul 5 09:19
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        • ... Luck...iest? - Jesse, Fri Jul 12 15:53
          Jesse watched curiously as JD wrote Felix’s name, his own name, and some other words - that Jesse could only assume were song lyrics, as that was the other suggestion JD had initially proposed - on... more
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