I have manners
Sat Feb 4, 2017 11:32

Marissa did think Danny was sweet. He was great, really. She could always trust Danny for some kind of laugh. They teased and flirted all the time. He really was one of her best friends at RMI. Rose, of course, was her Best Friend, but Danny came in at a close second.

Oh, he’s thought about it. Well, that was curious. She chuckled and nudged him back. She leaned on him for a few seconds, then gave him back the small amount of space they had. So Danny Dubois had thought about kissing her. She wanted to know why. Marissa wasn’t naïve; most people, by this point, had thought about kissing her.

Her friend group was mostly made up of the few people who didn’t think about kissing Marissa. She and Holland had talked about it, once. They both realized that they had an aesthetic crush on each other, and not anything with romantic feelings, so it was unlikely that they’d ever do anything about it. Rose was crazy straight. And, well, Emmett was Emmett. He was probably done with all that now. Danny had never said anything outside of teasing flirting to indicate that he actually thought about doing anything with her. It was flattering that he did, and for some reason, that made her heart flutter the tiniest bit.

Marissa liked messing around, but sometimes she liked to be romanced. That’s how Emmett happened.

She listened to his explanation, and she found it hard to think of something to say. The only pureblood stuff she knew about was from Rose and Aunt Cosette. Rose told her very little about it, so her knowledge really came from Aunt Cosette. Marissa knew that her view of the pureblood world was probably skewed, because Rose and Danny didn’t seem to go through any of the ridiculous stuff that Aunt Cosette did. Tons of betrothals, dark magic, family betrayals. Their lives seemed to be absent of all that. Still, it was weird to hear one of her friends actually talk about the pureblood thing and have it not at all match up to the very little she knew. Now she had more questions about that, too. Her family was going to have to handle a lot of questions from her over midterm this year.

“Is that still sweet, or is it weird, now?”

“It’s not weird,” she said automatically, still processing. Marissa watched him carefully, wondering if he ever planned on sharing any of this with her. “That sounds like a lot to think about all the time. I can’t imagine having to carry all that around.” She paused, then reached out to touch his two hands.

“But, you’re just a teenager. People rarely, rarely, marry their school sweetheart or whatever,” Marissa grinned. Just because there seemed to be a lot of high school sweetheart marrying happening at RMI didn’t mean it was going to keep happening. Maybe that generation was just made for each other or something. “The kiss,” she lifted one of his hands, “And the heiress,” she lifted the other, “don’t have to be the same girl. You’re allowed to live outside of that responsibility right now. You’re not an adult; you don’t have to make that decision yet. You can have fun.” Marissa squeezed his hands. “Nothing wrong with that, I swear.”

  • Aren't you the gentleman - Danny, Fri Feb 3 15:16
    Marissa scooted a little closer, and Danny tried not to be too concerned by her proximity. He still hadn’t forgotten that time in DADA. He vaguely wondered whether she might have teased him in that... more
    • I have manners - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 11:32
      • You are a rare breed - Danny, Sat Feb 4 14:13
        As Danny finished his explanation, he felt that Marissa was being surprisingly understanding. No wait, that wasn't fair; her being understanding was completely within her character. Danny was aware... more
        • I think we're both pretty unique - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 15:48
          It didn’t look like Danny was going to kiss her, and Marissa couldn’t help but be disappointed by that. She wasn’t the type of person to push someone if they said no; it wasn’t her style. People just ... more
          • Just like everybody else - Danny, Sat Feb 4 17:01
            He hadn’t even realised that he wanted to have this conversation with someone, but now that it had happened, Danny was glad about it. He didn’t think his kissing habits, or lack thereof, would ever... more
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