You're more than lucky
Wed Jul 10, 2019 16:21

“I suppose just using initials makes it very easy to remember how to spell your own name.”

Was… did this boy just throw shade? JD’s blue eyes narrowed only slightly. Despite what people (his mom, his publicist, that one chick at that pop up coffee shop in Austin who was absolute shit at latte art so of course he was gonna make a face) said about him, he could totally control his facial expressions. Being a master of the performance craft, he knew how to hide his true feelings.

After a moment of consideration, though, he decided this boy was not slinging mud against his EXCELLENT name. The guy in front of him was peculiar, kind of boring looking. He actually seemed like the kind of nerd who would be too nerdy to do JD’s homework for him. He’d claim it was Wrong or something (JD didn’t think so. He’d pay for the homework, this was a simple exchange of money for a product). Someone like that would be too boring to just insult him mid-conversation.

The other student didn’t say how he should personalize this autograph, but he didn’t say not to personalize it. He started at the top right corner of the photograph and wrote “To Felix” in his expensive script - he’d taken signature workshops to make sure his handwriting was catchy and unique when he was a child - and then moved to the bottom left corner. He never wrote on his perfect face. That’s what the fan wanted, after all. Signatures were great, but what would be the point if it obscured that face?

May your dreams - oh! - take you higher than acendio

The lyrics were from one of his earlier works. Felix was younger than this student, apparently, so he’d be the target audience for that pre-teen nonsense. Next to the lyric, he signed his name. Signing JD was fast for him at this point but not without its flourish. No one could plagiarize that masterpiece.

He handed the headshot over to the student, Jesse, and smiled. “Well, you know who I am,” he answered, “I’m in Cetus, for some reason. Do classes ever get more interesting or is it just generally The Worst around here?”

  • Lucky Me - Jesse, Fri Jul 5 09:19
    The popular music sensation that referred to himself as JD didn’t seem perplexed by Jesse not knowing who he was, in particular, or that the required autograph was for someone other than himself. Not ... more
    • You're more than lucky - JD, Wed Jul 10 16:21
      • ... Luck...iest? - Jesse, Fri Jul 12 15:53
        Jesse watched curiously as JD wrote Felix’s name, his own name, and some other words - that Jesse could only assume were song lyrics, as that was the other suggestion JD had initially proposed - on... more
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