... Luck...iest?
Fri Jul 12, 2019 15:53

Jesse watched curiously as JD wrote Felix’s name, his own name, and some other words - that Jesse could only assume were song lyrics, as that was the other suggestion JD had initially proposed - on the photograph. This new student’s handwriting was artistic and stylized, whereas Jesse’s own scratchy quill writing looked like an inebriated spider dragged its legs haphazardly across his parchment (not that Jesse had ever seen such a thing, but if it did happen, he was certain the ink marks made by the arachnid and the essay he’d written for his last history of magic assignment would be indistinguishable).

“Thanks,” Jesse said, accepting the autographed picture of his classmate. JD smiled again. This meeting was definitely going well.

“Do classes ever get more interesting or is it just generally The Worst around here?”

It was no longer going well.

“I don’t understand,” Jesse said, and to a person who was adept at interpreting emotional cues from tone of voice and facial expression, he looked and sounded perplexed. “I would estimate that level of interest in classes fluctuates with individual engagement of the subject material.” he frowned at JD. “If you are not finding classes interesting so far then I could presume that they might become more interesting in the future, but I could make no guarantee on that score: without further data I could guess with equal accuracy that you will find them less interesting as the term progresses.”

Jesse also felt compelled to argue that school - as he assumed that’s what JD meant by ‘around here’ - was not the worst anything (it was better than home, because Felix didn’t share his room, and he got three large meals every day, and there was Quidditch, and he could use magic, and lots of other reasons), but as JD had not had very long to form this negative opinion, Jesse could only guess he was predisposed to dislike it, and nothing Jesse would say would persuade him. However he could educate him. “If you don’t like classes at all there are lots of other things to do,” he suggested. “There’s the rock wall and the Edwards rec center, and lots of clubs, like the school newspaper or dueling or Quidditch or there’s a club that grows vegetables.” There was also Pearl Street that could be visited by third years whenever they didn’t have classes or some other academic engagement, but as that was not technically part of RMI then Jesse decided to neglect to mention it for now.

He also wanted to explain to JD why he was in Cetus - because the students were sorted according to perceived traits, values and life goals, into Houses with other students possessing similar qualities, presumably to maintain a harmonious living situation, and JD’s perceived traits, values and life goals were obviously most aligned with those celebrated by Cetus House over any of the other groupings - but the other boy was new and there was a lot to learn about the school. Jesse did not wish to overwhelm him.

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    “I suppose just using initials makes it very easy to remember how to spell your own name.” Was… did this boy just throw shade? JD’s blue eyes narrowed only slightly. Despite what people (his mom, his ... more
    • ... Luck...iest? - Jesse, Fri Jul 12 15:53
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