Elliot Phippen
Rolling in 3, 2, 1
Mon Jul 29, 2019 22:18

It was amazing how, when you went from living in New York City to living underground with literally nowhere interesting to go and nothing fun to do, the most boring activities suddenly seemed like exciting treats. Elliot wasnít a moviegoer (sitting for longer than an hour watching something non-interactive? Hard pass) but when his other options were homework (actually not an option today because he was all caught up) and reading (even worse than watching a movie) it was an easy decision to go to the drive-in movie Director Garen was hosting.

And admittedly it was kind of cool to show up at the theater and see it converted into a cross-decade parking lot. Elliot had logged way more hours driving virtual vehicles than riding in an actual car. His family didnít have one (Dad hated driving and Mama didnít even have her license), so if they ever needed to drive somewhere, like on the camping trip last summer, rthey just borrowed Grandma and Grandpaís. Living in the Big Apple, you didnít really need a car anyway. If the place you wanted to go was too far to walk, you could just take the bus or a rideshare or a cab. But Aunt Celeste had a little red convertible and Uncle John drove a hybrid, and sometimes Elliot rode with them.

In GTA Elliot had his own private garage of cars (he also had planes, bikes, and boats). His favorite was the Rocket Voltic because it had a rocket on it and you could use it to give your car a boost when you went off jumps and things, which was just the coolest thing ever. Also the one that Elliot owned was electric blue, because hell yeah!

So when he went around the room looking for a place to sit (after a pit stop to grab a root beer float and a carton of chili-lime popcorn), Elliot was searching for a car that looked as close as possible to his beloved Rocket Voltic. Minus the rocket part, which none of the cars here seemed to have, disappointingly. When he found a car that was the right color, it didnít even matter that someone was already inside. The driverís seat was free so Elliot just slid behind the wheel.

ďCool,Ē he told the other boy. He vaguely recognized him from class, but they hadnít worked together and the guy was new to RMI, so that was the extent of his knowledge. ďIím Elliot. Is it any good?Ē he asked, nodding toward the screen. ďIíve never heard of it, but then again I didnít even know wizards made movies.Ē

  • Roll out the red carpet - JD Daegan, Mon Jul 29 14:22
    It was nice to know that Rocky Mountain International was so thankful for JD. He blessed their lives with his presence. He knew that the Drama Club director appreciated his contributions to their... more
    • Rolling in 3, 2, 1 - Elliot Phippen, Mon Jul 29 22:18
      • Action! - JD, Fri Aug 2 14:13
        Not being immediately recognized at Rocky Mountain International became less jarring each time. He didnít agree with it, because everyone should know who he was. Their lives would be better for it.... more
        • We forgot lights and camera - Elliot, Sun Aug 4 20:49
          JD was an easy name to remember because there was already a hot upperclassman named DJ, and now Elliot was talking to a hot upperclassman named JD. Side note: how were the upperclassmen all so... more
          • We can skip right to action - JD, Sun Aug 11 18:54
            JD loved a specific aspect of Rocky Mountain International. It wasnít something heíd ever imagined existed or would be fun if it did. Everyone heíd met outside of this school knew who he was. They... more
            • I like the sound of that - Elliot, Wed Aug 21 18:19
              Correction: not a movie star. A pop star. Slightly different. Still baller. If Elliot was ever famous he would only want to be a little famous. His dad was slightly famous in the video game world,... more
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