Not sure if I'm ready, but here we are
Thu Aug 1, 2019 19:17

Remington realized too late that this could have been a disaster. Not looking before sitting next to someone at Rocky Mountain International might easily lead to mayhem. What if she’d sat next to DJ? They seemed to be… okay wasn’t exactly the right word, but their friendship wasn’t in utter shambles as it had been before. Seemed like raising her voice at him helped somehow. Still, it would be best if they didn’t spend an extended amount of time in a small and slightly intimate space together.

There were other options that were also not great. She absolutely could sit and watch a movie with Claudia, definitely with Anssi, but others - like Dakota or Drew or Leo - seemed like a less safe bet. Kit wasn’t a top choice either, but she imagined many people held that opinion.

RMI wasn’t a large school, so the math was stacked against Remington in cases like these. In trying to avoid an interaction she hadn’t actually been ready for, despite feeling confident moments before, she could have easily fallen into an even more uncomfortable situation. Instead, she sat next to Marley, and all she could feel was an anxious relief.

Marley had a lot of energy, but it was nowhere near the destructive levels of Kit’s. The other girl’s enthusiastic chatter was oddly comforting, giving Remington a moment to catch her breath and focus on what was being said. She hadn’t taken someone’s spot, and there was lots of popcorn to be eaten. The Draco wasn’t hungry even though she should be; she’d missed a meal to finish tutoring her Pearl Street student. The idea of eating made her already anxious stomach twist into another knot. She had her logical brain remind her emotional brain that eating something was far better than eating nothing at all, so she gave Marley a small smile and nodded.

“I don’t know much about wizarding film,” she admitted as she reached behind for the popcorn. She tried her best not to brush against Marley, although the space wasn’t necessarily designed for that. Remington didn’t move to eat the popcorn but balanced the popcorn bag on her lap. She’d only managed to lose some of it off the top while transferring the snack from the back to the front. It still didn’t seem appetizing, but maybe the smell would convince her eventually. Baby steps.

“My mom and dad love watching movies, but I haven’t really seen a lot, especially since coming here. I know there’s a movie theater on Pearl Street, and I would love to go, but I haven’t really had time.” And she didn’t know who she’d ask to go with her, anyway. With everything so off, a weirdness she’d had a hand in causing, Remington didn’t know who to hang out with anymore. It was the first time since coming to RMI she’d felt sad about having a dorm room all to herself. It was lonely. She shook off the thought.

“Usually we see a movie the day after Christmas - it’s a tradition - but I didn’t feel like going out. We watched a lot of Netflix instead.” Remington bit the inside of her cheek to stop babbling. She moved the popcorn between them, kernels falling from the bag and onto her skirt. “Sorry, it keeps spilling everywhere. It’s so much popcorn.”

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    • Not sure if I'm ready, but here we are - Remington, Thu Aug 1 19:17
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