Fri Aug 2, 2019 14:13

Not being immediately recognized at Rocky Mountain International became less jarring each time. He didn’t agree with it, because everyone should know who he was. Their lives would be better for it. However, he’d figured out why: this was a school full of everything but purebloods. There were some here and there, sure, but most students didn’t seem to be entirely wizarding raised. Poor things. How were they to know who JD was if they’d never had the opportunity?

Coming to RMI was still in the top three worst things that ever happened to him, but at least he could take advantage of it now. He could reach an entirely new demographic!

If five of the muds Muggleborns and halfbloods told five more of their people, then there’d be ten new fans for JD to dazzle. Those ten would tell ten more and before he knew it, he’d have five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred groupies to worship and adore him. His publicist didn’t come to school with him, so he was going to have to do a lot of this work himself. JD didn’t consider it a challenge. He was impossible to dislike.

Blue eyes looked at the boy, who introduced himself as Elliot, up and down. Tousled black hair contrasted nicely against JD’s blonde. Both were fair skinned, and Elliot was skinny where JD was leanly muscled. Too bad there weren’t paparazzi here; they’d make a nice picture together. Who is the silver eyed mystery boy with the Pop Pensieve? He knew the tabloids missed him. They’d kill for such a mundane picture. A boy could only dream.

“Heard of it? I’m in it.” JD flashed a photo-ready grin at the other boy. He turned his head towards the screen and made a sweeping gesture with his right hand. “I rarely do extra work, but it was a favor to a friend, and I’m very good to my friends.” He turned back to Elliot and winked. Gotta be charming to get that new demographic! “JD. Nice to meet you.”

  • Rolling in 3, 2, 1 - Elliot Phippen, Mon Jul 29 22:18
    It was amazing how, when you went from living in New York City to living underground with literally nowhere interesting to go and nothing fun to do, the most boring activities suddenly seemed like... more
    • Action! - JD, Fri Aug 2 14:13
      • We forgot lights and camera - Elliot, Sun Aug 4 20:49
        JD was an easy name to remember because there was already a hot upperclassman named DJ, and now Elliot was talking to a hot upperclassman named JD. Side note: how were the upperclassmen all so... more
        • We can skip right to action - JD, Sun Aug 11 18:54
          JD loved a specific aspect of Rocky Mountain International. It wasn’t something he’d ever imagined existed or would be fun if it did. Everyone he’d met outside of this school knew who he was. They... more
          • I like the sound of that - Elliot, Wed Aug 21 18:19
            Correction: not a movie star. A pop star. Slightly different. Still baller. If Elliot was ever famous he would only want to be a little famous. His dad was slightly famous in the video game world,... more
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