Darlene Knight
Best night!
Sun Aug 4, 2019 17:11

Things were weird. Darlene had learned to sort of assume weird was the norm in a place like RMI, but things felt extra weird. Drew seemed weird. There was no way he was actually avoiding her, right? The Lyra considered herself a pretty darn good girlfriend, all things considered. (“Things” being how different dating him was compared to the courtship she had been raised to anticipate, for example.) she tried very hard, and she thought she was pretty good at it, thank you very much. And her appearance didn’t hurt her chances, either: her care was immaculate, the cherry on the cake of natural beauty.

Still, Drew wasn’t acting quite right. Darlene did not know what to do about that. She had very little conflict management abilities, if the truth were told. And she didn’t really want to discuss it with Kit; despite being her best friend, she thought Kit was a little too close to the situation since she was Drew’s cousin. Plus, Darlene thought the redhead might be a little too enthusiastic to help if given the opportunity, and she didn’t think Drew receiving second-hand love notes via his relative would help the cause.

She was spending a good bit of time with that first year Maggie now too, but it didn’t seem appropriate to discuss one’s love life with an eleven year old. After all, what would she even know? Maggie was a good kid, but it was just not quite useful, either.

In any case, Drew inviting her to this movie event seemed to point in a positive direction. Darlene did not have a lot of experience with films as a media (minus watching Lilo & Stitch approximately 937 times) so she didn’t exactly know what to expect. She just knew that they would (mostly) be watching something happen on a screen, sitting in something meant to resemble a Muggle transportation vehicle, and that Drew liked it when she looked extra nice. So she looked extra nice. Her brown hair was pulled back in a loose braid, with a few delicate waves free on either side of her face. Her nails were a faint periwinkle that matched her dress. Darlene was not particularly comfortable with anything low cut or tight, but this dress decidedly did not hide what her padded bra added to her silhouette.

Drew came back to the car with their snacks, and she couldn’t help but smile as he kissed her cheek. She just adored him. “I’m sure it will be fine,” she reassured him. If Mr. Tennant had picked it out, she had faith there was at least some merit to it. Darlene scooted closer to him. “What’s it about, again?”

  • Date night [tag: Darlene] - Andrew Tennant, Sun Aug 4 12:38
    Enough was enough. Drew needed to get back to normal, and that meant not avoiding the people he cared about. So he asked Darlene to go to the drive-in movie with him. It wasn’t the most Darlene date... more
    • Best night! - Darlene Knight, Sun Aug 4 17:11
      • Can it get better? - Drew, Wed Aug 7 13:25
        Darlene scooted closer, and Drew’s heart rate did fun things. Darlene was beautiful. She was beautiful and sweet and she liked him and when she was close to him he could barely remember that other... more
        • I don't think it can. - Darlene, Sat Aug 24 12:00
          Darlene listened to Drew’s mini plot synopsis, finding it to strike a chord with her. Now, she was not a squib - obviously - but she felt an immediate comradery, as she too was coming of age and... more
          • Me neither - Drew, Fri Aug 30 10:03
            This felt right. Drew had been on the fence about saying it. Not that it was too soon—he and Darlene had been together for two years—and not that he thought she wouldn’t say it back—he was pretty... more
            • I'm delighted you agree - Darlene, Sat Sep 14 10:04
              Darlene didn’t want to ever stop kissing Drew, but unfortunately that was an unrealistic hope. Her grin grew even more - if it were possible - at his suggestion that she come visit in the summer.... more
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