We forgot lights and camera
Sun Aug 4, 2019 20:49

JD was an easy name to remember because there was already a hot upperclassman named DJ, and now Elliot was talking to a hot upperclassman named JD. Side note: how were the upperclassmen all so ridiculously hot? There was DJ, and now JD, and also Dakota Farnon, who was completely gorgeous, and Natalia Carboni, and… yeah, really just most of them. Elliot had heard that some people had a certain Type of people they liked—according to his parents, Uncle Logan’s type was “women who were way hotter than him and didn’t actually want relationships” and Uncle Lance’s type was “NYU sophomores who just wanted him to buy them alcohol”—but Elliot was pretty sure his own type was just “achingly attractive people.”

Also JD was dressed really cool. Elliot didn’t usually pay a lot of attention to clothes (at least, not guys’ clothes. He paid more attention when, say, Gigi was wearing one of her outfits that had more holes than material), but you didn’t not notice when a hot guy was wearing a red leather jacket. It made Elliot’s jeans and purple v-neck (it was that super soft, heathered, micromodal-magic-type fabric) feel underdressy, even though it was arguably one of his nicer outfits (read as: it didn’t have a single nerdy reference on it).

And apparently JD was also a in this movie?? RMI really did have everything. “You too,” he returned the greeting, grinning at the older boy. Elliot chomped a fistful of chili-lime popcorn. It was spicy and salty and tasted exactly like he’d been hoping. Mmmm.

The opening credits were rolling, but Elliot found it hard to take his eyes off JD. “So you’re like, a movie star? What are you doing here?” It was a legit question. Why would someone who was involved in a new form of media be here when he could be out somewhere making wizard movies? Seriously, Elliot could not get over the concept of magical movies. The special effects would be insane. No need to spend eight hours in a chair getting prosthetics put on to be Davy Jones, or wear mocap dots so the animators could CGI the look in later, when you could just do a quick transfiguration and instantly have a beard made of tentacles. If you had Wolfsbane Potion you could use actual werewolves in your werewolf movies! And don’t even get him started on how amazing the practical effects in sci-fi and fantasy movies would be. The possibilities were endless.

  • Action! - JD, Fri Aug 2 14:13
    Not being immediately recognized at Rocky Mountain International became less jarring each time. He didn’t agree with it, because everyone should know who he was. Their lives would be better for it.... more
    • We forgot lights and camera - Elliot, Sun Aug 4 20:49
      • We can skip right to action - JD, Sun Aug 11 18:54
        JD loved a specific aspect of Rocky Mountain International. It wasn’t something he’d ever imagined existed or would be fun if it did. Everyone he’d met outside of this school knew who he was. They... more
        • I like the sound of that - Elliot, Wed Aug 21 18:19
          Correction: not a movie star. A pop star. Slightly different. Still baller. If Elliot was ever famous he would only want to be a little famous. His dad was slightly famous in the video game world,... more
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