Can it get better?
Wed Aug 7, 2019 13:25

Darlene scooted closer, and Drew’s heart rate did fun things. Darlene was beautiful. She was beautiful and sweet and she liked him and when she was close to him he could barely remember that other people existed. He hoped this was a really long movie so they could just stay here for a few hours. Sometimes he really wished they were in the same House so they could hang out together after curfew, but the more he thought about that the more he knew it wouldn’t have worked. Darlene didn’t seem like much of a Cetus, and as much as Drew loved music, he wouldn’t consider himself a Lyra either. Plus, if Drew was in Lyra, his dad would be his Head of House, which would not be the same as having his stepdad as the Head of House because Aaron pretty much let him do whatever. Like when Drew had punched Connor that one time, Aaron had taken him out for ice cream after (he also gave Drew detention, but it was with Rob so it did not even count). Dad would be a way stricter Head of House than Aaron was.

Also, in Lyra, Kit would be there third-wheeling in the common room twenty-four-seven. She could barely be trusted to be chill when the three of them were eating a meal together. Hard pass.

“Dad said it’s like a coming-of-age musical about a squib finding his place in the world,” Drew explained. Dad had actually gone on for a bit about how, unlike most musicals, the songs were actually happening in-universe (as in, the other characters knew that all that singing and dancing was going on), and how that was a cool stylistic choice. Also all the actors were actually singers, which was really a step up from most modern Hollywood musicals, and all the songs were original, but Drew had kind of gotten distracted and stopped listening at that point. He was distracted a lot lately because of all of the everything going on.

Except there wasn’t really anything going on, he decided. He was sitting watching a movie with his girlfriend. He moved the popcorn out of the way, to her other side, and put his arm around her. “I’m really glad you wanted to come. I love,” there was a split second where his brain seemed to startle, like when you bonked your guitar into something and all the strings let out a dissonant, shaken hum, because he wasn’t sure how he was ending the sentence. When he’d started it he’d been planning to say he loved going out with Darlene. But then he realized he could say something else, and that it would be true, and that he wanted to tell her, so he finished, “you.”

  • Best night! - Darlene Knight, Sun Aug 4 17:11
    Things were weird. Darlene had learned to sort of assume weird was the norm in a place like RMI, but things felt extra weird. Drew seemed weird. There was no way he was actually avoiding her, right?... more
    • Can it get better? - Drew, Wed Aug 7 13:25
      • I don't think it can. - Darlene, Sat Aug 24 12:00
        Darlene listened to Drew’s mini plot synopsis, finding it to strike a chord with her. Now, she was not a squib - obviously - but she felt an immediate comradery, as she too was coming of age and... more
        • Me neither - Drew, Fri Aug 30 10:03
          This felt right. Drew had been on the fence about saying it. Not that it was too soon—he and Darlene had been together for two years—and not that he thought she wouldn’t say it back—he was pretty... more
          • I'm delighted you agree - Darlene, Sat Sep 14 10:04
            Darlene didn’t want to ever stop kissing Drew, but unfortunately that was an unrealistic hope. Her grin grew even more - if it were possible - at his suggestion that she come visit in the summer.... more
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