Georgina Philpott
Here for the food
Thu Aug 8, 2019 14:55

The drive in event was so very unappealing to Georgina Philpott as a concept - sitting still and not talking was how she spent time sleeping, not being awake - but somehow she found herself going anyway. Partly it was because she actually had nothing better to do, partly because all her friends would be there, anyway - even Vi, the small and annoying, said she wanted to go to the yawnfest - and partly because if everyone else was going then something interesting might happen, and Gigi always liked to be there when something interesting happened.

She was making zero effort though - she didn’t want people to think she gave a crap about sitting and watching some lame film picked out by an old guy who liked musical theatre and solved teenagers’ angst problems for a living - so she rolled up in black skinny jeans and a large purple hoodie, with no socks or shoes. Her toenails were painted black but that was a coincidence. Her shoulder length dark brown curls were scooped into as neat a knot as she could manage, which of course meant pineappling tenacious tendrils were escaping from her industrial strength hair elastic at every angle.

The second year made it to the theatre and almost turned on her heel to stalk right back out again. The fake cars were so retro kitsch that she wanted to puke. She loitered, arms folded across her chest, at the side of the room while indecision stopped her from committing to either staying or leaving. Garen introduced the main event and it sounded like crap, but he did mention popcorn and floats. She hadn’t had popcorn since she almost choked on it right before Sadie kissed her (yup she was still wavering on exactly how she felt about that), so now seemed as good a time as any to overwrite that whole, uh, experience.

Thanking the elf - she didn’t care it was an elf, she’d thank anyone who washed her Quidditch kit after a game - who passed her a mix of chocolate and chilli popcorn, and something fizzy and orange to drink with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top, Gigi realised it would be a damn sight easier to sit down to eat her treats than to stand up or carry it all back to her dorm. So with an exaggerated huff she swung her long legs over the closed door of an ugly toothpaste-coloured car with no roof. “Don’t worry, I’m not staying,” she said to its existing occupant. “I’m just here for the food.”

  • Cinematic Adventure [all welcome!] - Director Garen Tennant, Sun Jul 28 23:41
    Normally, Garen organized RMI movie nights to show the cast and crew of that year’s musical what the whole thing was about. It gave the actors and actresses a better idea of their characters, and... more
    • This is kinda romantic - Amelia Rosette, Fri Aug 16 20:59
      Amelia walks into the theater with a green polo and a pair of blue shorts. She wore a pair of dark blue sandals and her toes painted forest green. Her red hair was in a long ponytail, to her... more
      • Convertibles are pretty romantic! - Deagret Wyckland, Mon Aug 19 20:05
        There was a picture, in her house in Mass, of Deagret’s parents sitting on the hood of a vintage black Cadillac convertible, holding hands, and just smiling at each other. So of course, when Deagret... more
        • Yeah, they are - Amelia, Tue Aug 20 12:07
          Amelia looks up and sees the hand and grabs it. Sh stands up and brushes of her jeans."T-thanks..." Amelia said, blushing from embarrassment. "And I guess we did both run into each other." she said,... more
          • OOC - Sophia, Tue Aug 20 21:15
            Hey Amelia! It's great to see you posting! Just a quick note for the future, please make sure that all of your posts are written in past tense and are at least 200 words long (in accordance with our... more
          • “’m Deagret,” she replied politely. “But Dea works just fine. It’s nice to meet you, Amy!” The redhead straightened out her sweater quickly, a smile brightening up her pretty face. Wincing at at... more
            • Maybe a little cringy - Amelia, Wed Aug 21 05:42
              Amelia listened to Dea's first response and nodded. "I have to agree with you on that. It really doesn't have a lot of lot emotion. It seems that they don't want to be there at all. Like they rather... more
              • Sounds good to me! - Deagret, Fri Sep 13 23:28
                “I’m not sure it’s the actors fault entirely though,” Deagret countered with a.pensive hum. “Perhaps it’s just bad writing. I mean, it’s awkward in a ton of places, and honestly, I don’t blame them... more
    • Here for the food - Georgina Philpott, Thu Aug 8 14:55
    • Showing up - Leopold Harris, Sun Aug 4 12:43
      When he was thirteen years old a recently rechristened Leo Harris arrived home for summer vacation and within forty eight hours consumed his very first beer and had his first kiss. It was a messy... more
    • Date night [tag: Darlene] - Andrew Tennant, Sun Aug 4 12:38
      Enough was enough. Drew needed to get back to normal, and that meant not avoiding the people he cared about. So he asked Darlene to go to the drive-in movie with him. It wasn’t the most Darlene date... more
      • Best night! - Darlene Knight, Sun Aug 4 17:11
        Things were weird. Darlene had learned to sort of assume weird was the norm in a place like RMI, but things felt extra weird. Drew seemed weird. There was no way he was actually avoiding her, right?... more
        • Can it get better? - Drew, Wed Aug 7 13:25
          Darlene scooted closer, and Drew’s heart rate did fun things. Darlene was beautiful. She was beautiful and sweet and she liked him and when she was close to him he could barely remember that other... more
          • I don't think it can. - Darlene, Sat Aug 24 12:00
            Darlene listened to Drew’s mini plot synopsis, finding it to strike a chord with her. Now, she was not a squib - obviously - but she felt an immediate comradery, as she too was coming of age and... more
            • Me neither - Drew, Fri Aug 30 10:03
              This felt right. Drew had been on the fence about saying it. Not that it was too soon—he and Darlene had been together for two years—and not that he thought she wouldn’t say it back—he was pretty... more
              • I'm delighted you agree - Darlene, Sat Sep 14 10:04
                Darlene didn’t want to ever stop kissing Drew, but unfortunately that was an unrealistic hope. Her grin grew even more - if it were possible - at his suggestion that she come visit in the summer.... more
    • Diving right in - Remington Burnham, Mon Jul 29 20:25
      Things were somehow better, the same, and worse all at once. She couldn’t figure out exactly how or why, but Remington knew the statement to be true. Some things did feel better. She didn’t feel as... more
      • Ready for a drive? - Marley Chapman, Mon Jul 29 21:51
        So first of all, movie nights were one of the best things ever. Like, if she had a way of rigging up a TV in her dorm and having movie nights every week or something, she would totally be down, and... more
        • Not sure if I'm ready, but here we are - Remington, Thu Aug 1 19:17
          Remington realized too late that this could have been a disaster. Not looking before sitting next to someone at Rocky Mountain International might easily lead to mayhem. What if she’d sat next to DJ? ... more
          • *revs engine* - Marley, Sun Aug 25 14:39
            "You, too? Phew," Marley mimed wiping sweat off her forehead with a laugh, "I'm glad I'm not the only one. I mean, I know I'm not, probability and all, but the way some people react... like, you... more
    • Roll out the red carpet - JD Daegan, Mon Jul 29 14:22
      It was nice to know that Rocky Mountain International was so thankful for JD. He blessed their lives with his presence. He knew that the Drama Club director appreciated his contributions to their... more
      • Rolling in 3, 2, 1 - Elliot Phippen, Mon Jul 29 22:18
        It was amazing how, when you went from living in New York City to living underground with literally nowhere interesting to go and nothing fun to do, the most boring activities suddenly seemed like... more
        • Action! - JD, Fri Aug 2 14:13
          Not being immediately recognized at Rocky Mountain International became less jarring each time. He didn’t agree with it, because everyone should know who he was. Their lives would be better for it.... more
          • We forgot lights and camera - Elliot, Sun Aug 4 20:49
            JD was an easy name to remember because there was already a hot upperclassman named DJ, and now Elliot was talking to a hot upperclassman named JD. Side note: how were the upperclassmen all so... more
            • We can skip right to action - JD, Sun Aug 11 18:54
              JD loved a specific aspect of Rocky Mountain International. It wasn’t something he’d ever imagined existed or would be fun if it did. Everyone he’d met outside of this school knew who he was. They... more
              • I like the sound of that - Elliot, Wed Aug 21 18:19
                Correction: not a movie star. A pop star. Slightly different. Still baller. If Elliot was ever famous he would only want to be a little famous. His dad was slightly famous in the video game world,... more
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