Yeah, they are
Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:07

Amelia looks up and sees the hand and grabs it. Sh stands up and brushes of her jeans."T-thanks..." Amelia said, blushing from embarrassment. "And I guess we did both run into each other." she said, giggling. "I'm Amelia. But just call me Amy. I prefer it to Amelia any day."

"So,how do you like the movie do far. It's a little romantic. But at the same time, its cute, funny, and sad. I personally like it. But some people are picky so I don't really know.*

Amelia looks down and says, " I really like your slippers. They look so cozy. And it was a good idea to bring." she complimented. She looked down at her sandals. "I look like I'm going to a rock concert."

Amelia looks down at her feet and says, " Sorry about talking so VH much. What about you? What do you think o the movie?"

  • Convertibles are pretty romantic! - Deagret Wyckland, Mon Aug 19 20:05
    There was a picture, in her house in Mass, of Deagretís parents sitting on the hood of a vintage black Cadillac convertible, holding hands, and just smiling at each other. So of course, when Deagret... more
    • Yeah, they are - Amelia, Tue Aug 20 12:07
      • OOC - Sophia, Tue Aug 20 21:15
        Hey Amelia! It's great to see you posting! Just a quick note for the future, please make sure that all of your posts are written in past tense and are at least 200 words long (in accordance with our... more
      • Itís a little cringey, gotta be honest... - Deagret, Tue Aug 20 18:35
        ďím Deagret,Ē she replied politely. ďBut Dea works just fine. Itís nice to meet you, Amy!Ē The redhead straightened out her sweater quickly, a smile brightening up her pretty face. Wincing at at... more
        • Maybe a little cringy - Amelia, Wed Aug 21 05:42
          Amelia listened to Dea's first response and nodded. "I have to agree with you on that. It really doesn't have a lot of lot emotion. It seems that they don't want to be there at all. Like they rather... more
          • Sounds good to me! - Deagret, Fri Sep 13 23:28
            ďIím not sure itís the actors fault entirely though,Ē Deagret countered with a.pensive hum. ďPerhaps itís just bad writing. I mean, itís awkward in a ton of places, and honestly, I donít blame them... more
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