Its a little cringey, gotta be honest...
Tue Aug 20, 2019 18:35

m Deagret, she replied politely. But Dea works just fine. Its nice to meet you, Amy! The redhead straightened out her sweater quickly, a smile brightening up her pretty face.

Wincing at at Amys question, Deagret shrugged a bit. Its a little cringey, in my opinion. Its certainly, but...I dont know, it just feels kind of forced? And the acting isnt super great. Like, the delivery of the lines just need a bit more emotion, but in some places they really need to tone it down, ya know? Reaching over to the snack table, Dea grabbed a bag of perfectly salted and buttered movie-theater popcorn and popped a few pieces into her mouth. Its fun to laugh at though, and the jokes are pretty funny! I guess Im just picky.

She saw Amy point toward her feet and Deagret laughed. You mean fuzzy socks and slides? Apparently people think Im crazy. And hey, at least you tried to look nice. I heard about this happening and immediately decided to go in this, Dea said, gesturing to a Quidditch sweater shed stolen from Graham and a pair of baggy sweatpants.

I think its just kind of...predictable. I like to be surprised, and this movie just kinda fails to do that for me. But we havent seen the ending yet, so maybe itll turn around!

  • Yeah, they are - Amelia, Tue Aug 20 12:07
    Amelia looks up and sees the hand and grabs it. Sh stands up and brushes of her jeans."T-thanks..." Amelia said, blushing from embarrassment. "And I guess we did both run into each other." she said,... more
    • OOC - Sophia, Tue Aug 20 21:15
      Hey Amelia! It's great to see you posting! Just a quick note for the future, please make sure that all of your posts are written in past tense and are at least 200 words long (in accordance with our... more
    • Its a little cringey, gotta be honest... - Deagret, Tue Aug 20 18:35
      • Maybe a little cringy - Amelia, Wed Aug 21 05:42
        Amelia listened to Dea's first response and nodded. "I have to agree with you on that. It really doesn't have a lot of lot emotion. It seems that they don't want to be there at all. Like they rather... more
        • Sounds good to me! - Deagret, Fri Sep 13 23:28
          Im not sure its the actors fault entirely though, Deagret countered with a.pensive hum. Perhaps its just bad writing. I mean, its awkward in a ton of places, and honestly, I dont blame them... more
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