I think we're both pretty unique
Sat Feb 4, 2017 15:48

It didn’t look like Danny was going to kiss her, and Marissa couldn’t help but be disappointed by that. She wasn’t the type of person to push someone if they said no; it wasn’t her style. People just very rarely said no to her. She wasn’t sure if it was the crazy red hair, the freckles, how she dressed, her zest for life, or any combination of the things. If she wanted to do anything from kissing to fooling around, she was pretty sure she could find someone for the job. Wanting to kiss someone and not getting kissed was new.

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure my parents had to. They’re, like, The Original Lyra’s or something.” Marissa smiled, letting him have his point. From what she could tell, no one really cared about her family legacy or whatever, but it was fun to think about sometimes. She knew her dad threw all of the parties when he was at school, and he even was the school DJ for parties after he graduated. Mom basically started the Drama Club with Garen and some other boy she rarely talked about, and she did choreography sometimes, too. It was nice to imagine she was following the family legacy sometimes.

She listened to Danny talk, and she smiled when he laced his fingers through hers. She wasn’t planning on pulling away, but it was nice to given a reason to keep her hands in his. It sucked, she decided, being a pureblood. Sometimes it seemed like a fun, romantic, adventurous thing, but really, the more she heard about the traditions, the worse it sounded. She couldn’t imagine getting married for money. In fact, she couldn’t imagine getting married at all. She was fifteen going on sixteen. That wasn’t something teenagers should spend mental energy thinking about.

No, you can have a hands-on capacity, I’m not complaining. She let her hand fall between them when he let go. She was using them to lean on again, but let her hand by their almost touching legs stay close. In case Danny changed his mind. He could change his mind. It seemed like he was considering what it would be like to change his mind.

“Well,” she said slowly, with a smile, “I would be honored to be your first kiss. Or first whatever you want me to be. So, yes, you should definitely let me know.”

  • You are a rare breed - Danny, Sat Feb 4 14:13
    As Danny finished his explanation, he felt that Marissa was being surprisingly understanding. No wait, that wasn't fair; her being understanding was completely within her character. Danny was aware... more
    • I think we're both pretty unique - Marissa, Sat Feb 4 15:48
      • Just like everybody else - Danny, Sat Feb 4 17:01
        He hadn’t even realised that he wanted to have this conversation with someone, but now that it had happened, Danny was glad about it. He didn’t think his kissing habits, or lack thereof, would ever... more
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