Maybe a little cringy
Wed Aug 21, 2019 05:42

Amelia listened to Dea's first response and nodded. "I have to agree with you on that. It really doesn't have a lot of lot emotion. It seems that they don't want to be there at all. Like they rather do something else at the time." Amelia giggles. "And its a little funny to be honest. But not enough to make me laugh. Maybe a giggle."

Amelia and looks down and her outfit,"You really like my clothes? Thanks Dea! I didn't really know what to wear. So I picked two colors that looked good together and painted my nails.I don't think you look crazy. You just look extremely comfy. I think they just mad because they didn't think of your idea first."

Amelia nodded at her last response while getting some caramel popcorn. "So,you like movies that aren't so predictable.It is a little predictable but not so much that you'll be able to predict everything and then be bored." She grabs a mint chip float, her favorite, and took a sip out of it and sighed.

Amelia looks around at the other cars. "Is it okay if I join you? I'm feeling kinda lonely in my car. It is okay if you say no." she asked, a light red blush on her tanned cheek.

  • Itís a little cringey, gotta be honest... - Deagret, Tue Aug 20 18:35
    ďím Deagret,Ē she replied politely. ďBut Dea works just fine. Itís nice to meet you, Amy!Ē The redhead straightened out her sweater quickly, a smile brightening up her pretty face. Wincing at at... more
    • Maybe a little cringy - Amelia, Wed Aug 21 05:42
      • Sounds good to me! - Deagret, Fri Sep 13 23:28
        ďIím not sure itís the actors fault entirely though,Ē Deagret countered with a.pensive hum. ďPerhaps itís just bad writing. I mean, itís awkward in a ton of places, and honestly, I donít blame them... more
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