I don't think it can.
Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:00

Darlene listened to Drew’s mini plot synopsis, finding it to strike a chord with her. Now, she was not a squib - obviously - but she felt an immediate comradery, as she too was coming of age and trying to find her place in the world. For the main character, she predicted a struggle to fit in both the magical and Muggle world when he wasn’t really either, and for her, it was a slightly shifted struggle: to balance between the high society magical world where she was raised, and to sift through this new world that RMI represented, the one where Drew lived.

She felt herself glow as his arm stretched around her. Maybe it was less of a struggle than she thought.

“I love you.”

For a split second, she thought she imagined it. Then she felt lightheaded, like she actually might faint. “Y-you do?” she fumbled, the world spinning. But of course he did. Maybe she shouldn’t have been surprised after so long together, but they were just so young, and it was all so perfect.

Well, it wasn’t perfect. Everything about Drew - his lifestyle, his mannerisms, his appearance - was completely counter to how she imagined the first person to tell her those words. But this was exactly how she imagined that person would make her feel: giddy and powerful and alive and so insanely and deliriously happy. And that was the only thing that mattered. Darlene knew that now.

So without actually leaving him time (after all, she had technically asked him a question), she grinned a near-breathless, “I love you too,” as she shifted to face him. Darlene and Drew had kissed before, but like everything about this moment, this was just different.

  • Can it get better? - Drew, Wed Aug 7 13:25
    Darlene scooted closer, and Drew’s heart rate did fun things. Darlene was beautiful. She was beautiful and sweet and she liked him and when she was close to him he could barely remember that other... more
    • I don't think it can. - Darlene, Sat Aug 24 12:00
      • Me neither - Drew, Fri Aug 30 10:03
        This felt right. Drew had been on the fence about saying it. Not that it was too soon—he and Darlene had been together for two years—and not that he thought she wouldn’t say it back—he was pretty... more
        • I'm delighted you agree - Darlene, Sat Sep 14 10:04
          Darlene didn’t want to ever stop kissing Drew, but unfortunately that was an unrealistic hope. Her grin grew even more - if it were possible - at his suggestion that she come visit in the summer.... more
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