Me neither
Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:03

This felt right.

Drew had been on the fence about saying it. Not that it was too soon—he and Darlene had been together for two years—and not that he thought she wouldn’t say it back—he was pretty sure she felt the same way—but, well. Things in his head had been all tangled up for a while, like the yarn in Kit’s craft box. Since the party, he guessed, when Leo and DJ (and Drew, he couldn’t pretend like he hadn’t been involved) had fought about Remington.

...or maybe before then, if he was being honest. Last year when Malachi Crenton had stood Remy up on their date, that had been confusing too. He’d wanted to hurt Malachi the way he’d wanted to hurt DJ when he found out he’d kissed Remy without her consent. There had been other confusing things going on that had made him feel uncertain, but now it was resolved like a dissonant chord stepping into consonance. He was protective over Remy because she was his friend, and she wasn’t related to him so it was different than with Kit. And sure, Remy was pretty and brilliant and amazing, but he could think those things and not do anything about it.

When he was with just Darlene, that knotted mess of yarn disentangled into neat little color-coded balls. Telling Darlene he loved her came with a huge sweep of relief. Whatever conflict he’d had was over now: he’d made up his mind. Before he could answer yes—a certain yes, with no doubt or hesitation: Drew loved Darlene and that was a fact—she said it back. The way she lit up with happiness was like watching a sunrise. Drew wasn’t thinking about anyone besides her anymore. It was like he’d just taken a gulp of Felix Felicis, or been hit with a Cheering Charm. The only reason he wasn’t smiling right now was because his mouth was otherwise occupied.

Eventually they stopped kissing and Drew settled back in his seat, with his arm still around his girlfriend. Drew loved planning dates, but even though he hadn’t designed this one, it couldn’t be going better if he’d tried. “Maybe you could come visit us this summer,” he suggested. Madeleine would be bouncing off the walls getting ready for her first year at RMI and giving Dad grey hairs. It’d be nice to have Darlene around: the girls always got along so well. Drew usually saw Kit and Remington (and sometimes Dakota) over the breaks. It only made sense for him to get to see his girlfriend too. “Or I could go visit you. I’ve never been to England.” Darlene had known the Tennant-McKindys since before they started dating, but Drew had never met Mrs. Knight.

  • I don't think it can. - Darlene, Sat Aug 24 12:00
    Darlene listened to Drew’s mini plot synopsis, finding it to strike a chord with her. Now, she was not a squib - obviously - but she felt an immediate comradery, as she too was coming of age and... more
    • Me neither - Drew, Fri Aug 30 10:03
      • I'm delighted you agree - Darlene, Sat Sep 14 10:04
        Darlene didn’t want to ever stop kissing Drew, but unfortunately that was an unrealistic hope. Her grin grew even more - if it were possible - at his suggestion that she come visit in the summer.... more
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