Maggie Booth
I feel that!
Sun Sep 8, 2019 21:26

Maggie did a lot of running at RMI. Not for exercise reasons or because she was particularly healthy in her lifestyle - though only eleven, it was already pretty clear that she, like her mother, would forever be graced by being slight of frame - but instead most often because she was running late. Maggie found keeping her own schedule an incredibly difficult feat, and one that she had not attempted before being separated from her mom at boarding school. She always remembered when she had to be places, and she knew exactly how long it took to get from most of her Point A’s to her Point B’s because she had meticulously timed them all, but she could never quite put this knowledge into action. Somewhere along the way, she got distracted by a butterfly, or she paused to wonder why this particular brick had such a funny shaped chip in it, and then whoops, she was behind schedule.

So the Ceti was, as ever, moving at quite the swift pace as she skirted through the hallways, her brown braid whipping behind her. She was supposed to meet Darlene six minutes ago (the older girl had agreed to help her with her homework today), and she hated to make her wait. However, fate seemed to have yet another delay in mind for Maggie.

As she was darting by, she noticed a kid run smack into the wall. She stepped over to help him, and - Oh.. He was cute! And he was talking. Maggie jarred at the realization that he could do that. “Oh! Sure! Of course!” she fumbled, her face starting to glow a little pink (though nowhere near as brightly as his). Maggie offered a hand to the cute boy on the floor whose name she couldn’t seem to remember. “And I’m not laughing. Promise.”

  • Jarrett’d near right managed to trick him that they didn’t need to take their two-bean-show for a trekker before striking out in the surf. Actually, if Joey was bein’ straight, he had been tricked.... more
    • I feel that! - Maggie Booth, Sun Sep 8 21:26
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