I'm sensing some sarcasm there.
Sat Feb 25, 2017 17:36

Emmett smiled despite his own dramatics. Danny was a good dude. Definitely his best male friend. (He didn’t think he had a girl he could call his best female friend, unless he counted Marissa but that was pretty questionable, and Holland was their own category as well as the Supreme Best Friend, in Emmett’s mind.) But not really a theatre person, so it was a bit of a surprise to meet him here. Maybe he was curious and was debating doing it next year.

“Sorry,” Emmett apologized, although his tone was fairly jovial. He might’ve felt bad that Danny had been momentarily worried if it wasn’t kind of hilarious.

“That’s fair,” he acknowledged with a sheepish grin. Running lines sucked, especially if you weren’t really into it. Or involved in that show. Or, like, good at theatre. The last one was Emmett’s current problem. His voice was fairly strong, and he was a decently convincing actor for a fifteen year old, but not apparently having the memory of a goldfish might have been nice. It would’ve definitely been more conducive to the experience, at the very least.

“So what are you doing here?” he asked. His tone was not even slightly accusatory, just honestly curious. “If you’re hoping to stare at the rafters, I have good news: they’re actually pretty cool. I hadn’t realized how much stuff went into the fly space. There’s a bunch of wires, and the catwalk’s cool.” Emmett wondered what the view was like from up there, if it felt powerful or terrifying to be so high above all the rest of the stage. Separate, but above.

  • So very macho - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Feb 22 08:10
    Dardanius had gone into the theatre for the only reason he had ever gone into the theatre: he was looking for Marissa. It was quiet when he entered, but he could see something on the stage. Until he... more
    • I'm sensing some sarcasm there. - Emmett, Sat Feb 25 17:36
      • Whatever gave you that impression? - Dardanius, Mon Feb 27 10:01
        Emmett asked Danny what he was doing in the theatre. It was a fair question; for someone who wasn't interested in theatre (aside from being in the audience; he was happy to be looking at the stage,... more
        • Just a hunch. - Emmett, Mon Mar 6 02:12
          “I was just looking for Marissa.” Oh. Emmett paused. A part of him instinctively wanted to be jealous and accusatory, but he less than politely told that part of himself to cram it. For one thing,... more
          • Gut Feeling - Danny, Mon Mar 6 15:14
            The way Emmett answered that he hadn’t seen Marissa suggested to Danny that the fourth year had been in the theatre for a substantial part of the day. He might have been interpreting it incorrectly,... more
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